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Very small camera

Hi All, I have a request to ask. A few weeks ago a lady was on here talking about that very small camera that you swallow,and it records all what's going on inside of the colon I think. I believe she was saying she was going to pay for it.

Now it has a proper name,not a small camera,but I can't remember what it was called.

Has anyone tried it,and if you know the proper name for it,I would be very grateful. Or actually any information anyone can give me,like I say you swallow it.

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Hi Gemini, I know what you are referring to, but like you, don't know the particulars. I happen to know someone who had it done privately, but I think she told me that because it was connected to the nuclear medicine department, it was actually carried out in an NHS hospital. It discovered that she has a particular type of malabsorption, which had previously been dismissed as "just ibs" which she wasn't prepared to put up with!!

She has seen major improvements to the condition since being on medication, and in her own words "has her life back".....

I will follow this up and try to get more details, because it's something I'm obviously very interested in. Sometimes you need an almost bottomless pocket...

Cheers for now,

No biker


Hi Nobiker,I would be very grateful for any information you have. Some people call it a capsule endoscopy ,but I have tried just about everything,and I'm not going to accept IBS, I'm in constant pain,and like your friend says, I want my life back. Thank you.


Yes, me too, whatever I eat (and I've been following the low fodmap diet since last September), I have daily pain and wind. Yoga helps a lot, and I see a chiropractor and acupuncturist, all of which help.

However, I would far rather get this sorted out, and as you well know, you will be blue in the face before your GP will help you, even the best!

I don't take any meds as I don't believe anything helps really and who needs extra drugs? Licorice and mint tea also gives some relief.

I,ll message you when I find out.

Cheers for now, No biker.


Hi,I've been through the Fodmap diet,didn't make any difference at all,I've had I think almost every,medication,tests,Gastrologist you name it I've tried it,I've even given Ormororph a go,never even touched the pain. I'm at my wits end. I've travelled all over the country seeing different Profesors of Gastrology .

But now I'm really struggling to cope with the pain. I think at times you even get looked at as though your an hypochondriac.


Hello Gemini, I caught up with my friend who was describing what she had done. It wasn't a capsule endoscopy, but was some sort of radioactive capsule and she went back the following day for results.

Unfortunately she was a bit vague, I know it was carried out in Leicester, and it is used to investigate diarrhoea type "ibs" .

She found out that she has malabsorption, a genetic problem which she has passed on to both sons. She is responding very well with treatment and diet. However, if she hadn't really made herself a nuisance at our health centre. And been referred privately she would still be in misery with the ibs badge. None of this was even hinted at being a possibility, it makes you wonder how many of us are like this?

I shall be investigating.....

No biker


Hi,Nobiker ,Thank you for putting yourself out for me.

Me like a lot of people on here,get sick and tired of its "IBS",there's no such thing,it just comes when they are at a loss of what to say. I don't believe all these people have got IBS,how can that be a prognosis when everyone suffers in different ways.

Like a lot of people on here,the suffering I do in my daily life is getting totally unbearable at times,and I just get "try another tablet" when I think there overlooking something. I'm not worrying it's something serious,because I'd be dead by now,but no one seems interested in my suffering.

I've now been told it's a sensitive bowel,(because they dare not say IBS to me. Well what's the answer to a sensitive bowel? If I cut out anymore out,I'll starve to death.😂. Sorry for the rant,but I get so frustrated by it all. But I will look into that camera,because it's about the only thing I haven't tried. And if you look into it,keep in touch. Thanks and I mean that.


You're very welcome and I know just what you mean, absolutely agree that the medical fraternity can't or won't do any more than test for all the killers. Because we know that it won't kill us doesn't lessen in any way the daily challenge, the pain, discomfort and sheer torment. I quite agree with you, there simply cannot be hundreds of thousands of people with the same thing, called ibs!! That's an epidemic for goodness sake. We all have different problems, with some common symptoms, but it must be a bit of a minefield to diagnose, and each of us could probably be a bit of a case study!! Just out of interest, have you ever been asked to provide a stool sample, and I don't mean the one for bowel screening?

No biker


That's about the only thing I've never been asked to do. I could ask,but I feel I'm forever doing there job for them. My GP has no interest in me whatsoever,I did have a good GP but he retired,and told me in his oppinion there wasn't a decent one in the practice.

And he was right. Nobody seems interested,I just said to my hubby,if a doctor suffered what I'm suffering now he'd soon find an answer.

Rant over sorry.


How right you are. Did you see the posts a few months back from "notibs"? That was worth reading, and she is a GP! Take care,

No biker.


Morning Nobiker ,I've just been reading that post from that GP,God I wish I had read that a couple of weeks back when I seen my Gastroentrolgist,he actually asked me if I had any suggestions. Like I say my GP is useless. Have you ever had a stool test?


No, and no one has ever suggested it, but from what I read from our friend, it should be the most basic test, and one of the first requirements? I haven't been back to my doctor since I pressed for a referral last November. When I rang to book an appointment the receptionist asked me " what is it this time? " you couldn't make it up could you, and I certainly don't need it! One of these days i'll go back and have another go.

Cheers, no biker


Oh yes another little hitler. I'm sure these receptionists are the GPs body guards.

In our GPs waiting room there's a sign saying if you offend our receptionists you will be removed,what about them offending us. We've also been told the receptionist can ask what you need to see the GP for. Like hell,that's my business. Me and my hubby have had a fair few disputes with them,I have the same problem with the nurse when she's been requested to take blood,she'll say you don't need it. So now I ask for the form and go over the road to the Hostpital for it.

Don't know what it's coming too. But you need to see your GP,you go,tell her it's none of her business.


It's called a capsule endoscopy.

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There are a few posts within this ibs forum for capsule endoscopy. The nhs choices site doesnt say very much, only that it is new and can have complications and seems to be used for unexplained bleeds.


It's an endoscopy camera, next step on from endoscopy. You swallow it and it records everything on route. Mine discovered many ulcers and lesions in the ilium that didn't show up on either endoscopy or colonoscopy. However, I'm still in great pain and they don't look like healing any time soon. Thinking about asking my doctor to go down the surgery route.........


Hi,At least it gave you the cause for your pain. With the term IBS there's no answer,simply because it's a syndrome which can mean anything.

Not to undermine your pain,but if you know what's wrong,they can at least give you options what to do,you can take them,or refuse,that's your choice.But with the term "IBS" there are no answers.

I Sincerly hope you can get sorted out. Keep us in touch,I can't help but I can empathise with you.


Totally agree. After having cameras up and down, biopsies, ct scan with contrast, and loads of blood tests I was told that the news was good. Absolutely nothing wrong. Although I should have been delighted, part of me felt that I was all at sea, with no clue where to start. Of course there IS something wrong!!!

We just all have to search for the answers, and that is so difficult because our symptoms are all so different. Meanwhile, life has to carry on, but it can be exhausting being in constant pain, and in my case with a gruesome bad back to boot.

Hang in there everyone. Any personal solutions are always good news.


Wel Hi to you all,I did promise to let you know how I got on with my Gastrologist,the best in this country by the way. Well he tells me I have a really sensitive bowel,so there's not much he can do really but try and control the pain.

Well he asked me how and what suggestions I had,well daytime I can pretty well cope with it,but by the evening when I've been the loo at least 4times,the pain starts to get stronger and I take a 5ml Diazapam,so I said I would like a bigger strength. He asked me what my GP thought about giving them to me,and I said I practically fight him for them. So he is going to send a letter to my GP,telling him I need a 10ml Diazapam to take as needed,to control the pain. If my GP disagrees if I let him know he'll have a word with him,as he said I'm on two meds that are doing nothing but I'm struggling to get off,so this way maybe I'll be able to get off them. He also said you cannot overdose on Diazapam nobody has ever died from them.

So that's it up to date,it's really just a matter of controlling the pain.


Which is not working.😢😢.


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