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I have suffered with I.b.s for years now but only got diagnosed with it a few years. I go the toilet around 4 times a day (not healthy ones either). When I get nervous or anxious I get bad cramps (painful). Which stops me from doing things. Doesn't matter what I do, i always have this. No diet is helping me with this. Anyone have any tips on how to control your I.b.s

I always bleed when I wipe. My bum gets very sore but I never get blood in my stool. Is this normal with I.b.s?

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Blood should always and I mean always be checked out by your GP when you have a bowel movement, it may be a pile but get it checked please


Sounds like typical IBS to me. I too have the same issues and thinking about it makes it worse. I personally have found that it is more mind over matter. I have learned over the years to better control it but it is always under the surface. Good, stress, anxiety, fear, anything and everything is a trigger. Maybe one day they can figure this disease out and come up with some miracle for all of us?

Does sound typical especially if you are having a bad spell of D OR C. Piles always get worse through a bad patch of IBS. IF u worry a lot. Like most of us. Check with Doctor. Although they dont seem to be able to so much about IBS except give a fodmap diet sheet. Lol

Thank you for replies guys, the doctors all seem to not understand and just shrug. Maybe i will go though regarding the bleeding when I wipe. I have had the bleeding for years so it can't be anything to major.

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