Smoking cauceing this?

I've been smoking on and off for 10 years and it only dawned on me recently that's when I started getting I.b.s symptoms. I used to think it was stress. But now I blatenly notice when I smoke a cigarette I'm in pain straight after and have too run to the loo.

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  • Could be a trigger indeed. Maybe you should stop?

  • Thanks. Sounds like a plan see if it stops this. 😀

  • Good luck, think there might be group about stopping smoking on here somewhere, might help you along. ☺

  • Thanks will have a look c if I can find a stop smoking group. 👍 Will keep u posted

  • Ok, thanks ☺

  • Thank you I'm going to have a read at it. Looks a good one. 🙋

  • Let me know if it's good or not.

  • Will do. 👍

  • It's very good for info and support, been a member for a while now, they are a great group of people

  • Brilliant.thanks

  • Website is brilliant was watching some great videos last night on it to help out ppl off smoking.

  • The Roy castle support group seems great thank you. Lots of ppl to follow on there journey to quitting. Gave me a kick to make myself stop and should stop my I.b.s symptoms as I seems to be my problem. Well will get bk to reading more of my surrport group. Going to see if I can go through a full day without sigs tomorrow.i cut a bit today today. Thanks

  • Excellent, I hope you manage it ok, let me know how you get on? :)

  • I will try my very best and let you know. You take care and hope u are keeping ok yourself.

  • You can do it!

    Yes I am keeping ok thanks. :)

  • Hi all stimulants cause this not just cigies but alchol, coffee, caffiene etc

    Best wishes

  • Thanks. I barley drink alcohol and nva drink coffee hate the stuff. 😁

  • Hi Thats great but I can never have alcohol are any stimulants they send me strait too the loo are/and A&E-chocolate made my heart have palpatations and my brother rang for an ambulance-they said I came very close to a heart attak

    take care x

  • O.m.G and I thought I had it bad. shows how badly effected athers are effected by I.b.s. you can barely eat and have a drink with stimuli bn it.i didn't realise how luck I was. All I have to do is stop smoking.i haven't smoked today and atomics finally easeing Something that it's bad for you any way. Chewingum kills me to. I noticed that as a teenager. U take care too. Thanks for sharing with me

  • Hi well done with not smoking-I used to smoke but gave up in 1993-was hard work. the main thing is to NOT make excuses up for yourself. I took up watercolour painting ( I cant paint ) but its theraputic.

    is there anything you can do to take your mind off it ? remember to treat yourself with the money you save. i like nice clothes, so thats what i do with the savings.

    after a while they wont bother you anymore and if someone lights up near me now it turns my stomach

    Very Best Wishes x

  • Hi. Congratulations on stopping smoking for all those years. That's great you do painting to keep your mind occupied. Painting looks fun and relaxing. Used to love video games years ago before I smoked and reading a lot of books will get my self into doing that again to keep my mind off it. And the saving money would be great for me.thanks again and best wishes to you too. 😀

  • I have never smoked and we are all aware how bad it is for us but personal choice

    In Professor Whorwells book he stares how smoking can improve IBS . He clearly states never to start but more stooping can make it worse as it's a relaxant so it's probably the stopping and starting

    You will have to weigh that up with others disadvantages to it

  • Hi its a mith that smoking is relaxing; I stopped when I was pregnant then afterwards stared again-my heart was all over the place and beeting so fast I thought i would die !

    it affects the central nervouse system makin one run to the loo.

    all the Best

  • Great advice thank you. I will have to have a look at his book.

  • the smoke will not help as your taking in hot air and if you think about it, what gives us all the most discomfort wind. So smoking may be a factor. I can not say if its affecting your bowels but your gp should know. I can no longer smoke because it will kill me, I tried some time ago, and ended up in the QMC, they saved my life, but it was long before I suffered from this torment. But I know what your feeling, as I had a fire in an incinerator on Friday and believe me all I can say is never again do I want the smoke to go down on my lungs it just about left me creased up, & the the next day and since then I've been feeling very unwell, so much so like you, I'm going to see my gp on Wed, I have a 2hour slot I can tell her then what's been going off. I hope its nothing worse. but if you think it is the smoke try leaving it, and good luck 😖

  • Lassie2007, the act of smoking itself does not necessarily cause a disease or health issue and everyone is not affected by smoking, drinking and smoking cvan have an affect on the body, i have never smoked but I used to drink alcohol a lot and I do not think that it lead to my health issues. it I hope this will make you feel at ease, if you are in any doubt please for your own well-being see your G.P. and tell them about your concerns

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