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Hi All, I have suffered for many years with my noisy stomach which has led me to suffer anxiety in many social situations, when I worry about people hearing it. It can be extremely noisy and persistent. I have tried so many things to 'cure' it, sometimes it is okay for a while but it always comes back. I feel very alone with this as I think it's hard for people to understand how I can worry so much about something which is insignificant to many people. It's made worse by my worrying too, if I am going into a 'quiet' situation you can bet that it will get more noisy because I don't want it too, and as I get more tense, the symptoms get worse. I just wondered if anyone else on here has this problem and if so, how they cope with it? I have had this problem so long, it has held me back socially and in my career. I am starting to think that I will never be rid of it and that I must learn to accept it, but it's very hard when I am in that social situation and I feel my stomach start to get unsettled. I feel very panicky and that I want to escape the situation. I'd be grateful for any advice or support. I would be interested to hear how other people cope with the social embarrassment that ibs can bring, in it's many forms.

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  • Sorry, I can't offer any help or answers but I suffer extremely loud gurgling & bubbling noises from my stomach most of the day along with all the other IBS symptoms particularly a lot of pain, bloating & discomfort. It can be very embarrassing in a lot of situations, if I am in the doctors waiting room I always hope there are plenty of kids playing to drown out the noises from my stomach.

  • Hi Nick137, thanks for your reply. I'm sorry that you have this problem too although it helps me to know I'm not the only one. I can totally understand how you feel about waitingrooms, I have a whole host of situations when I pray for background noise. I have signed up to do a course in February and I'm already worrying about that. Have you found anything that helps you at all? I find that acupuncture has helped me. If I have a treatment a wonderful silence descends a couple of days later, although it only lasts for a week or so and is quite expensive to keep going.

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  • Can i ask is it your stomach or your bowel that makes the noise ?

    My noise normally comes from the bowel accompanied with really bad pain, and at present been like it for 24hrs. I was rolling about on the floor again last night, but i find either foods like white bread or pastry is the cause.

    When in hospital with a blocked bowel back in 2011, the doc said deep noise is good noise, its when you get high pitched noise your bowel is in trouble.

    He also said a noisy bowel is good, as it is active and things are moving, but when in pain i am not so sure

  • Hi Stix, sorry to hear about your condition. I'm lucky I don't get bad pain with it. I'm not sure where the noise comes from but it's usually accompanied by an uncomfortable feeling which is usually on my left side below the ribs. Sometimes the noise is high pitched, sometimes like whales or just really loud sudden noise which makes people jump! I've tried various dietary adjustments but when my stomach is going through a bad phase, as it currently is, everything seems to disagree. Also I have noticed that it seems to get worse in the winter, curiously.

  • Hi! Yes I know exactly what you mean. For years now my life has been ruled by my noisy stomach plus all the other symptoms of IBS. I avoid all sorts of situations where my stomach can be heard, like going to meetings or talks, some services at church etc. I love learning and would like to get on different courses but unless they are online and I can do them at home I am too embarrassed to do them. If people come to my house I always try and put music on quietly in the background but when I go to other people's houses I am so nervous because of this problem and that of course makes it worse. Now I often make excuses and don't go out much socially so I realize I am loosing friends which is particularly hard as by nature I am a sociable person. If I have to go to a meeting, concert etc, I always try and sit at the end of a row so I can get out discretely if my stomach starts playing up otherwise I start feeling panicky. So I understand everything you say and I too feel alone with this problem and don't tell people as it sounds so stupid to people who don't have IBS. I can't really help you much but you are not alone!!

  • Crazy-daisy, I could have written that post myself! I am the same with all the things you mention, and have all the strategies like putting music on and sitting on the end of rows.

    I am starting to think that maybe I just need to be upfront with people. Instead of trying to hide my condition I could explain what the problem is and ask friends if they would mind putting on a bit of background music. I find that mostly if there is music on then I will immediately feel more relaxed and my stomach is less likely to play up.

    Really I think at the root of the issue is caring so much about what people think or say. I am quite a sensitive person, whereas some people would not care if their stomach made a noise and would just shrug it off. I think it's different though when it keeps on and on! There's only so many times you can say 'excuse me'.

  • I know, I have thought about telling people - indeed I have told my sister but I don't really want to drone on about it to everyone. And yes, I'm sure some people who are less sensitive would care about it less. I forgot to say in my first post that some years ago I did have some tolerance tests done and one of the things I am intolerant of is cows milk. When I stopped having milk in porridge for breakfast my morning rumbles greatly reduced which was a godsend because I was working in a quiet office at the time! I now use oat milk instead which is much better.

  • I've suffered with very similar symptoms to people in this forum and as already mentioned it is embarassing in quite situations. Like crazy-daisy the one change I have made to my diet, is to switch to lactose free milk. It has made a massive difference to me, although I am aware that everybody has different causes / solutions.

  • I am the same , I can start panicking about it. Especially while in a meeting or training session and everyone looks at you and laughs as it is so noisy

  • My sympathy Shirleyb01. It's a difficult thing to deal with.

  • It could be something that you are eating on a regular basis like wheat or cabbage and it's relations

    A lot of people use the FODMAP diet to try to find out what the cause is

    You could try eliminating food groups from your diet, like dairy or wheat, one at a time, for about 2/3 weeks keeping a diary of intake and noise and bowel me vement to see what changes there might be

  • I agree do try FODMAPS. Get the app for your phone. It is traffic lighted in the guide and eat only the green lighted foods for four to six weeks. The app costs just over £6 great value as you can take it wherever you go. I have no noises now since going FODMAP free. I used to avoid theatres and meetings at work were a nightmare. Good luck.

    Start by cutting out wheat, milk onions cauliflower garlic beans and peas, apples pears and stoned fruit for a start if you don't want to actually do FODMAPS in full. I would advise going the whole hog though if you can.

  • I agree with cricketqueen and sashapet about trying the FODMAP diet to eliminate foods which may be causing you problems. I too had this symptom for years - it was so embarrassing, as some nights you could actually hear my stomach over the noise of the TV! I was also badly bloated alot. But since starting the FODMAP diet it is so much quieter. I found that I was eating a lot of apples, and hummus, and things with hidden wheat in them. All these are "forbidden" during the first few weeks of the diet, and I've been so much better. You also need to look at foods with hidden garlic powders/salts in them, as these will aggravate too.

    Good luck.

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  • Hi my email has changed to Keep in touch pls

  • Thanks to everyone for their help and replies, this is my first time on a forum and it's nice that people are so supportive. I have tried elimination diets before, a long time ago but I will definitely look into FODMAP now. It's good to hear some success stories!

    As I am a vegan it can be difficult because my diet is quite limited already but I know that I certainly find things like beans and soya cause me more problems. I will have a look into it.

    As I said earlier I find that sometimes I can get away with eating anything, and at other times the slightest thing upsets it.

    I really feel that I'm fed up with it holding me back and I'm pushing myself into situations that I know will make me feel anxious about my stomach.

    I am starting to think that having tried almost everything to find a 'cure', maybe acceptance is the answer. Sorry if I'm repeating myself here, I end up going round in circles with this!


  • Hi

    Mmm noisy stomachs mine soulds like an old fashioned plumbing system, you know the one you hit the pipes with a spanner to get the water moving around. When I was working perfect timing during a quiet staff meeting then it made a wonderful booming sound fit for the Albert Hall Orchestra. Anyway I used to be embarrassed but theres not a lot I can do. I changed my diet to meat gluten and dairy free, its helped and no oats. Basically things that upset me. Its helped, but when it wants to join the orchestra theres nothing I can do. So my advice is its part of you and I reckon the people you are with are prob more embarrassed than you are!

  • Ha ha! Nicely put. Thank you.

  • I found that taking anti antixety meds helped a lot I talked to my doctors and told him about my stomach and anxiety and he gave me a medicine that slows down your bowels a bit along with making you feel less stressed. I started on a very low dose the worked my way up to avoid any side effects the one I take is called amitriptaline maybe check it out. But make sure the Gargling is not from hunger or indigestion as this will be solved with healthy healing foods and regular eating. Add some star anise and ginger into your diet and if you can bone broth.

  • Hi all, I found this when I was clearing out a cupboard. It's an inspiring positive story of how someone else coped with their noisy stomach. I re-read it and I'm really going to try hard to apply this to my situation.

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