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Symptom question for IBS

I'm fairly new with all of this and I'm. Rey concerned. Does anyone else eat a meal and then feel the urge to have a bowel movement but you can't go? Is this common?

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Yes this happens often can ruin a meal out. Keep popping to the toilet thinking I need to go. But get there and there is nothing. You can't take the chance though. Sometimes you really do need to go. Lol.Xxx

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I am new here but have been suffering with IBS for the last 10 years or so. I am like you, I always feel the need to go after every meal, but sometimes, just like you, there is nothing there. If I am near a toilet and at work or at home then I don't worry about it and try to ignore it. I find my lunch time need to disappear on its own after a short time. But it depends on how much the need feels.

I have many trips to the toilet every day but end up with nothing there, or it is just a build up of wind.

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I haven't ventured out since this has happened to me.


Yes that is like what i go through too.


Hi Grace41,

It's certainly common for me! Sometimes the urge is caused by wind, but most often, the feeling goes away without anything at all coming out!

I find it's reduced somewhat by taking a laxative every night (Movicol in my case).


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