Strange ibs symptom?

Every now & again, for a couple of days, instead of normal bowel function, I have multiple small stools every hour or so. This has been going on for some years now. I know that it`s just part of ibs, but it`s so annoying,plus I often feel the sensation of not having finished but can`t get any more out. It`s uncomfortable to say the least, & no medicine that Iv`e tried seems to help. Is there any method of getting sorting this out?

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  • It happens to me too - I think it's something to do with abnormal bowel movements i.e.spasms! Another rubbish IBS symptom.

  • That also happens to me but I also have bladder problems with it in that I wee often presumably because the bowel is putting pressure on the bladder. I think it all comes down to the bowel being extra sensitive to being full.

  • After I take a laxative, I may have a long stool, but following days I have what you describe and eventually nothing. I know from talking to my GI doctor that I have a very twisty colon, some diverticulosis and, because I also have Parkinson's, low motility. Low FODMAPS keeps the pain away. Exercise helps. Drinking enough water is a challenge. good luck

  • No advice on how to deal with it, just wanted to say that I have the exact same thing. I hope it's ok to ask a question back but do you find that you pass more mucus with the tiny stools?

  • Sometimes.

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