Best medication for IBS?

Hi, I have only recently been diagnosed with IBS and sadly I find the doctors take no interested whatsoever I have tried so hard with them but they just keep telling me to watch what I eat and that's it, I'm looking for people's views on medication I have tried buscopan and this helps for a short while what medications have people used before that are good?

Thank you x

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  • Hi Hannah for me I find because I also have fibromyalgia that medication doesn't work for me. The best thing that I did find that helped was when I had a course of massage for stress, this was through the doctor in a professional clinic, and she suggested it on my trunk. It worked and I was totally pain free for 3 days. Good luck and I am sure that you will find something that will work for you.

  • It depends on your symptoms - food elimination is the best way to find what causes your symptoms.

    My symptoms are diarrhorea and I found that lactose and dairy were the main causes so now it's a completely dairy free diet for me.

    If you are lactose/dairy intolerant you will find that a lot of tablet medication contains lactose and will not therefore be good for you.

    If you try eliminating foods do one at a time and for at least 3/4 weeks and keep a diary of what you eat, your symptoms and whether your bowel movements improve.

  • Hi. You have had the same experience with doctors as I did. Go back and insist on being sent to a specialist dietician. I saw a lovely lady who put me on the FODMAP diet. Initially very hard to follow but so worth it. I now know what I can and can't eat. And therefore my symptoms are kept to a minimum. It has made a huge difference to my life.

    Good luck x

  • I've had severe i.b.s since 2005 and been on several medication, I now take lopermede,codeine,buscapan,ive been on buscapan for about 5 months,and I don't think they are doing anything,ive been to doctors several times as I find it hard coping with I.b.s and every time he states I have i.b.s and I have to cope with it,which to me is no answer.The lopermede I take do work as they stop me constantly going to the toilet. I live in the Mansfield Nott's region and there are no support groups in my area,its about time people recognise i.b.s as a problem.

  • Well said I totally agree my ibs is taking over my life at the moment ive been signed off sick cause its making me feel so ill and ive no one to talk to about it life sucks at the moment

  • What are your symptoms? If its ibs-d (diarrhoea) then something like mebeverine, taken 20 minutes before EVERY meal will help and I find has no side effects. A diet free of your food triggers will also help. Mine are pastry, batter, pies, mince, wheat, rich sauces etc. So over time you'll find a happy medium. I use immodium as a last resort, and use Endocalm (kaolin), for mild diarrhoea / stomach pain relief. It has a much less constipating effect than immodium.Ive changed my job role to take as much stress out of my life as possible, its definitely helped, as I used to get terrible flatulence when stressed. But sometimes having to resort to taking medication is the only way, although 3 cups of Peppermint tea a day also helps. Good luck.

  • I take alvernie citrate twice a day makes a massive difference for my ibs-d

  • Happy for you:)

    How much and when?

  • Mines on a prescription from my gp and I take it 1st thing as soon as I wake and I've found that if I take it about 4.30 before I have my tea that it's most effective. That last bit might be in my head but it seems to help me loads. I also found, as silly as this seems, that when I eat food that is based on mince meat it makes me nearly normal. My ibs is so bad that I'm unable to work as result of it so to be "normal" even for a day feels amazing

  • Hi Kerry, I`ve posted a few times and you were kind enough to reply with some advice. I`m a long time ibs d sufferer and today Monday 11th Aug I`ve started on a low fodmap diet under the supervision of an nhs dietician, here`s hoping.

  • Hey Kerry what supplements are helpful for ibs-c?

    I am taking magnesium citrate which helps with constipation. I also assume digestive enzymes will help too for digestion.

  • Congratulations!

    I BSC or IBSD, may I ask?

    I would love to hear more about your diet and how long you've been well.

  • It's hard as we'd all love a magic pill but it doesn't exist. What my "pill" currently is a gluten free, dairy free diet with lots of exercise including bikram, cycling, running, swimming and massages. I was at a stage 10 years ago when I was off work long term sick, now, I've changed career, become a physio and done ironman triathlons. It's hard work and don't rely on the medical profession. It takes asking the right questions, doing your research and trial and error. I'm still learning loads. FODMAPS is a definate thing to start with. I only became familiar with this 1 year ago so you'll be miles ahead of me! All the best x

  • I agree that medication is not the answer. The only thing I take occasionally is loperamide if I need to for a specific thing I.e. If travelling anywhere I do t think there will be ready access to toilets. I find lactose free gluten free and low Fodmaps diet is the best way to go. Good luck

  • The only thing that helped me was the Low-Fodmap diet. Eliminate the foods listed as high FODMAP and you will get relief. It's worth it.

  • Has anyone ever tried or heard of linaclotide (Constella)? I've seen some blogs in the U.S. (it's called Linzess there) where people have found a lot of relief with it. I don't know if it is for a certain kind of IBS, or some people are better candidates than others. My GP has never heard of it, which I thought was strange.

  • Strange I agree - did he not Google it? That's what mine seems to do - he never looks at me, just fiddles with his computer. Constella has been out there for a while and I have read some good/bad reports. Like everything IBS, one size does not fit all - and as soon as we think we have found a miracle pill, it stops working!

  • Hi,

    I am in the same position, my doctor told me there's no more she can do for me.

    I have tried everything , homemade ginger tea, mint tea, fennel seeds, gasex tablets, charcoal tablets etc.

    None of the medicines have helped me. When I get attacks of wind I just want to be on my own as I'm so embarrassed.

    I'm going to go back and ask to see a specialist again.

    I think a few fennel seeds after meals helps a little.

    You are not alone!

  • Hi, only recently diagnosed, prescribed mebeverine, 3 times a day - 20 mins before food, it's an anti-spasmodic. It helps.....Most of the time. I am only now starting to look into diet, I've printed off some FODMAP good/bad food lists.

  • My doctor just pushed medication on me. Remember doctors only treat symptoms not the cause. I suggest getting all the tests done to rule out anything else. My theory is that when the body comes under great stress/illness it can become overly sensitive to a food(s) especially if you're eating too much of it and then start reacting to it because your body can no longer cope.

    I had to change jobs to reduce stress and cut out wheat and milk. 1 year later and I'm on no meds now and as long as I mainly avoid wheat and milk I'm ok. I've found I don't react to them as badly as I use to if I eat a small amount of them by mistake which is a bonus, so it can improve with time and eating foods your body is ok with.

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