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Misery for the last ten years

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It's not been a very good year for me I have gotten myself into some legal matters and things didn't go my way, I also lost the love of my life.

I've gotten a problem with my bowel habits. I've had chronic diarrhoea for the last three months and I have seen numerous doctors for this and their answer is "anxiety" this problem was what broke the camels back with my relationship, because it kept me house bound. I just don't see how it can be anxiety 24/7 because I don't feel anxious all the time. I've had blood tests that have shown low thyroid and I do a follow up blood test that always comes back normal and all my body functions come back normal as well and I've done stool tests that also come back normal.

The medicine I take that's suppose to help (It doesn't help) are:

Codeine/Paracetamol effverfecent


loperamide hydrochloride

I also suffer with Gastritis and Esophagitis. I do not smoke, drink or do drugs and I'm also a vegan and I've also been following a FODmap diet too. I drink hot water opposed to drinking tea or coffee. I'm nearly 30 and I'm super angry at myself and feel if my life continues like this I don't think I can continue to live. I sorry for digressing, but I absolutely loved my ex partner and it angers me my problems caused me to hurt and made me think negatively.

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Hello there, I really am so very sorry your having such an awful time at the moment. I feel concerned that you say if things don’t improve you might not be able to carry on. This is so sad & shows just how low you are. I feel that you really must try & tell someone whom you can talk too that this is the point you’ve reached. Please don’t try & just go on alone. There is help out there. Obviously you can call helplines like Samaritans. They are more than willing to talk to anyone about anything they want too at anytime - big or small. Anxiety can be helped. You can learn many different ways of coping with it. My advice to you is to think of a positive goal you could achieve - something that would give you a feeling that you can get through this time. Nothing to big but something small - a step forward. I’m sure you will be able to come up with something. Sit & plan how would be the best way to go about achieving this goal. Plan when would be the best time to go about it. Maybe even tell someone your going to do this. Then when the time comes no matter what excuses you come up with - no matter how ill you maybe feeling & no matter how unmotivated your feeling - go for it. Do it for yourself. Your worth it. You deserve to be happy. Your as good as anyone else. Life is hard, as I’m sure your aware, for many many folk. Don’t be one who just gives up. That’s to easy. Fight for all you want. Then you’ll get there. Sometimes these bad experiences can make us a much stronger, wiser & nicer person. You can bring good things out of this awful situation. Keep in touch with us here. We all need each other. We need you too.

I do hope you won’t feel I’ve made lite of just how low you are. That in no way my intention. It might help if I say to you - “I really do care about you & how sad you are”. I’m not going into my own life except to say I was once in that dark place. It took all my effort & detenination to move forward. Yes I turned to various folk & methods to help me. Now I’m there. Believe me it’s worth every bit of effort. Each step began to get easier to do. But I had to make that very first one.

I really hope I’ve not made you feel worse because that’s just not my intention. Please let us know, very soon, just how your going. I’ll look out, expectedly, for your posts.


Eatpower: I suffered for YEARS with chronic diarrhea, then finally found a doctor who prescribed a drug called "Welchol" for me. Dose was 3 pills twice a day. Stopped the diarrhea in it's tracks!! Miracle drug. Only thing is, it got to be too expensive. Here in the States, it was finally going to cost me $700.00 for a 3-month supply. So, now I'm on a drug called "colestipol." Just starting it after I finish up the Welchol. It's much less expensive. It's supposed to work the same way...by binding the bile in your intestines, hence, stopping diarrhea. I don't know how much the Welchol would cost you, but please try it if you can..you will NOT be sorry. If not the Welchol, then try the colestipol. As for your other issue...these feelings that you're having will not last forever. You are young and you will be given more than one more chance at finding love...believe me I know! I'm 70 and I have found love in my life MANY times, when I thought each breakup or ending was the very last time that someone would love me. NOT TRUE!! Don't give up so young..you have only just begun and can't know what's right around the corner! Hang in, please!

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