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Green smoothie tips and tiredness food tips please

Hey please can you tell me what green smoothies I can make and how to make it? Something simple the only pretty much greens I like and eat is cucumber, spinach, lettuce and mixed salad packet you get from asda. I brought celery while ago had a bite didn't like it was afraid to put it in lol. I usually only have strawberries blueberries with almond coconut milk smoothie today instead of blueberries had it with banana.

There is depression and anxiety underlying factor along with IBS I am doing everything I can and eating much healthier now going yoga and swimming class regularly but unfortunately tiredness/fatigue will always be there it's one of those things. Please can you tell me specific food that will give me energy and keep on top of tiredness.

No point seeing doctor because there's no new advice I will get I just have to keep at it but today is a struggle :(

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I make fruit and yogurt smoothies. I have never made a green smoothie, but I guess you would just put in the greens with some yogurt and blend it. You would have to experiment. I am not sure, however if this would be good for your IBS.


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