Pain under right side of ribs

Hi had a bad reaction to stomach pills two years ago, which resulted in diarrhoea for 5months colonocapy results colitis ,

Tried every thing at that time , and the Fodmap diet worked for me , I've spent a lot of money on scans for this pain under my lower right ribs ,all come back clear, anyone know what this is , during the day I can put up with this, bedtime just can't sleep with it. Thanks

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  • I had pain below my ribs to hip on the right side, very tender, and after tests and biopsies it came back as a liver condition! X

  • I feel sorry for your pain. I have bad sensations after eating and pain goes to right side around back and under right ribs

  • I think this maybe the answer to my problems, its the finding out what foods don't agree with me,

  • Did you take anything for pain Pandora?

  • Both of my twin daughters complain of this same type pain. It could be Splenic Flexure Syndrome or Hepatic Flexure Syndrome. (you'll have to google it) One daughter started taking the same thing I take for my IBS (fennel and peppermint pills) and her pain went away. It came back when she ran out of the pills, so she got more then it went away again. The other daughter hasn't tried them yet...

    Hope this helps.

  • I get that pain under right rib also get it middle of stomach just above my navel

  • Hi, my doctors are telling me that I have post infectious IBS... I have so many symptoms that i don't believe the doctors anymore. I have also pain under both ribs on the end of them in my back. It can be the kidneys, have you're doctor checked them? You said right, right? Because left ribs in the front can be a sign of heart problems. It can also be, that you are sitting or laying wrong.I know that it sounds stupid, but you can be sitting wrong. If you sit on a soft chair or sofa everyday you're back tends to be bent a little which can cause more pain than you think. If you try, for one day and one night to be sitting up tight on a hard chair and forcing you're back to Not bend (even though it hurts) it might help, and on the night I would like you to put two pillows around your neck and exactly under you're ribs and even if you move it is fine, just try to force you're back to be straight and it might help! Hope you get well soon:)

  • Sorry to jump in on your posts but unable to post for some reason.  I have had a pain just off centre which goes under right ribs am worried but had a ct scan which was normal.  It is triggered by food can it be ibs

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