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I saw a new gp last week who told me that some of the pills I’d been taking probably made a bit of a mess with my stomach and that 5 years ago he was suffering same as me with ibs and horrendous heartburn. He isn’t suffering now.

He suggested Zinc for building up a healthy mucus coating for my stomach - said the pills probably robbed me of that, a good multi vitamin for overall health having lived on such a restricted diet, enzymes to help if my food isn’t digested properly before hitting my small intestines and a good probiotic. He also mentioned Functional medicine.

I looked that up but the price for a 4 month treatment was close to £2k so I can’t afford that. Sounds very good if you can afford it as they look at your life past and present and work out healing foods and such like to gain good health especially for your stomach tailored to your own needs.

I bought all the natural supplements and started with zinc. No problem. Next day used one pill of enzymes with HCL when I ate my evening meal - burnt my throat and burned in my stomach - a sign I didn’t need that much so next day took half of one covered in dairy free spread to stop it burning my throat and had no negative reactions. So hey maybe I only need half a tablet. Following morning took the zinc and added the multi vitamin.

This caused Stomach cramps which took my breath away so much I left work it was hurting so much.

Read up that iron and or folic acid can cause this reaction.

So I stopped all the supplements to try get my stomach back to normal and am thinking to give the probiotic a try.

I’m really hoping I don’t get a reaction to these as I have done in the past! I got one that has 8 strains of “ friendly” bacteria plus some “friendly” yeast and 3 types of fibre. They are safe to take from age 12.

Has anyone else tried supplements like this to help? I know people use probiotics but I’m just worried about them and wonder where I’d go if I do get a reaction to these. I’m sure they can be of benefit.

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Hi, yes..probiotics do help, but I have IBS-C..I take One a day "Tru Biotics" supplements. You can get it at any store or pharmacy. I Go to a small pharmacy and they order it for me. They are really good. You can also buy them online.

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