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Does anyone else have IBS issues that can go on for days? Usually I have a flare up, stomach ache eases after toileting. But every now and again things last longer.

Right now I am on day 5 of symptoms. Started with on/off short-lived stomach ache. Progressed to eating something I am usually ok with, but gave me waves of pain, toileting made no difference. Then thought was ok, to end up with stomach ache last night after dinner. Today finally have D, so things may now settle.

IBS really does suck, and I don't think people who don't suffer with it truly understand.

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  • Hi,

    I've just been to my drs today, for a similar time it's been nearly a week with not much let up, and my dr said bland diet for a few weeks. As food what I usually eat that wouldn't normally set me off is!!

  • I think a flare up from any trigger (food, stress etc) can cause problems with your healthy bacteria levels in gut and digestive enzymes so then when you eat even safe foods it struggles to digest. Have a look into probiotics and digestive enzymes and see if you think they could help you. I don't think you can ever be completely free from flare ups I think mine are also linked to hormones but having a healthier gut gives your overall health a boost. X

  • mt IBS last between four to ten days.

  • Luckily I don't get this too often. But not sure everyone believes IBS does do it.

  • My flare ups usually do last for days

  • Unfortunately people that don't suffer with it do understand but it's like anything really i.e. I have a friend that has chronic back pain, she was retired from work when she was only in her 40's as she couldn't sit down for very long or stand up for very long either, what I'm saying is that no one understands how it feels to have certain conditions. I am with you though in that IBS really does suck. I was well for years and then all of a sudden the IBS started getting bad again so I am going down the food elimination route.

    Agree with Angeline below in that following a bland diet for a while should sort things out.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks for your reply. I ordered some digestive enzymes today. Hoping they will help.

  • You are welcome and glad you've ordered the digestive enzymes as I have only read good things on here about them. I really hope they work for you.

    Here's to a healthier future

  • Hello, what did you eat for dinner that night ?

  • I was having stomach ache on and off for 2 days, bearable. It was really Sunday and Monday things went downhill. I can't remember what I had, I know it wasn't one of my trigger foods.

  • Dear Lasting Days, I'm suffering right there with you! After having a severe case of C.Diff for 6months, antibiotics didn't work so had to have a Fecal Matter Transplant & ever since IBS has been on over-drive. I've unfortunately have been to 3 GI's who would no longer see me when I had bad reactions to meds they tried on, as I also have severe Fibromyalgia. Since FMT lost 1/4 of my body weight, I look like a sailor that was shipped wrecked at sea. My Severe IBS issues have been going on since March 2017. First chronic diarrhea & then chronic constipation & now back to chronic diarrhea (I thought having C.Diff for 6months was bad; this is much worse!) Uhggg! But the good news & advice that I can offer is be proactive, be a tiger even though your in chronic pain & probably feel very weak - just keep on pushing!

    Yesterday I finally saw a GI that specializes in this IBS Disease & is willing to stick it out with me until I''m well. Before I couldn't even get another GI at my hospital for which I'm covered, so I spoke w/my PCP & he got me a Case Manager - this past week & I've found that having an advocate is so essential bcuz now I'm able to get expedited appts & referrals w/physicians. So, yesterday after my 1st visit w/GI, she told me it is also essential to get a Psychiatrist to review my meds as well as assist me mentally as this Disease has caused much anxiety, especially with the extreme weight loss & the length of time I've been suffering which is now going on 1 year! Anxiety has a huge effect on you're overall digestive system! Also very important is to find a Dietitian &/or Nutritionist as they can assist with a diet plan designed to find foods that will lessen your symptoms when you eat. Also found that sticking with one hospital or health-system is crucial as it makes it easier for all your physicians to communicate & work together as a team to get you on the road to remission/recovery.

    I'm so sorry that you've bee suffering from this disease too but, always have Hope! There are physicians who can help you but as I've learned specialists are needed & even though you're probably like me sick of seeing docs, that's become my social calendar, it's needed to get well. I hope that my advice helps a little; even if it just to lets you know that you're not alone! Sincerely, DRS

  • Thanks for your reply. Sorry you have been through so much. My problems are nowhere near the level of yours.

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