Is this ibs?

My husband had an attack of abdominal pain with fever for the first time about ten years ago which the doctor diagnosed as ibs. He was prescribed mebeverine (not sure if that helped but he recovered in about 48 hours anyway. Since then he has suffered the same pain about once a year or so, sometimes with a temperature and sometimes not, nothing seems to help the pain and it usually only lasts 24-48 hours. Has anyone experienced anything similar? The pain seems to start off mild and get worse over the first 12 hours and comes in waves.

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  • I can't say if that's IBS but I have a similar pattern. Its episodic rather than regular symptoms. For years I thought it was horrendous attacks of just trapped gas, but was recently diagnosed with IBS when it started occurring more than just once a year and enough for me to go to the doctor.

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    This sounds more like diverticulitis than IBS though symptoms are similar in both I would have thought fever indicated an infection that is not normal with IBS . Has your husband had a colonoscopy to see if he does have diverticula ? if he hasn't he should demand one if Only to eliminate the diverticulosis possibility

  • I agree. Pain without fever is usually IBS. Fever needs more attention!

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    I agree with Hutson this sounds more like diverticulitis. Fever with pain does indicate inflammation and needs further investigation. Good luck

  • Hi! I agree with Huston if there is fever there is possibly infection. Your hubby should ask for the colonoscopy which will clearly show what is going on in his bowel. Some people who have confirmed diverticulosis don't always get infections(diverticulitis) but some do. Good Luck!

  • My daughter had her diverticulitis diagnosed by xray during an attack, after being misdiagnosed for years , 4 I think. Cleared up nicely with diet and exercise.

  • I have had a very bad attack of IBS with a fever, although it was short-lived, only an hour or so.

    Perhaps it is a stomach bug? rather than a long term illness.

    Sometimes, there is no explanation, if it's only once a year I wouldn't worry.

  • If abdominal pain is accompanied with fever without constipation/diarrhea than its certainly not IBS. It could be any other infection or as everyone here mentioned diverticulitis. If you still think its IBS start using digestive enzymes after food see if it helps in relieving your husband's symptoms. Shoot me a email at

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