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New generation of Amitriptyline ..has any one heard / try it ??


I hope this 👆link above will open and work should open a page where there is a video of a doctor talking about ibs ..I have found it through my search for new treatments or approaches to IBS /D in particular .

This professor from Manchester is talking about using the tricyclic antidepressant drug called ( Nortriptyline ) which is similar to the widely used (Amitriptyline ) but the newer version called second generation which he claimed that it has fewer side effects than the old version Amitriptyline ..

My question is for IBS /D sufferers like me ..has any one tried this drug before ?? has any of your doctors suggested it ??

does it really have less side effects than the old version ? * people who tried Amitriptyline know what i mean about side effects *

Although this medicine is not available in my country ..i would like to know more about it just to feel that there are more options out there for this stubborn undermined debilitating disease 😥😣😳

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I’m watching this with interest. I have been following Prof Whorwells work and have his book (which I thoroughly recommend). My gp and gastroenterologist have both recommended that I try low dose antidepressants but I’ve always been hesitant because of side effects but when I’ve done a little research Nortriptyline does appear to be one with less side effects.

Eternity78 in reply to rustydog

what's the name of his book please ??

rustydog in reply to Eternity78

It’s Prof.Peter Whorwell, Take Control of Your IBS. Thoroughly recommend it.

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