Any one heard of BAM Diarrhea??

Hi everyone  ! For IBS-D sufferers ..take a look at the link above ☝.I was Surprised how an important life changing path for diarrhea cause and treatment is highly neglected by Doctors, not just GPs but also GI specialists and Consultants !!

Has anyone been diagnosed  with  Bile Acid Malabsorption  ( BAM ) Induced Diarrhea  ??

what are the best and latest treatments / Meds for this condition  ??

Any insight , Advice and Updates  on this subject is highly appreciated. 

Thank you,,

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  • I've recently been diagnosed with BAM.  I was referred to a specialist after years of suffering with cramps, wind and diarrhoea, mainly in the evening.  I had a Sehcat test ( too complicated to explain so please look it up)  which confirmed I had it. I now take 1 sachet of chlosterymine per evening and I no longer have diarrhoea!  Still get a bit of cramping and wind,but loads better. Convincing your GP is the hardest step. 

  • Gastroenterologist has suggested this might be my problem. IBS -D for twenty years. He said it was worth trying the medication rather than doing a test to see if I have it.

    Have been prescribed Cholestagel tablets, starting one tablet one week, two tablets the second week then three tablets for the third week, then stop it and see what happens. If they stop the diarrhoea then I have it and will continue on the treatment after my next apt.

    Only on day three so hard to tell but it would be wonderful if it was BAM and not IBS.

    He said it is a relatively new diagnosis, it was not around when I was initially diagnosed and this is the first time in all these years that I've gone back to the hospital for help.

  • I was diagnosed with BAM yestersday. I am also a Coeliac, have IBS, vit D deficiency, Vit B12 deficiency and lactose intolerance. . I had a sehCat scan that showed I had Bile Salt Malabsorption. I have to start the medication, but have been put on questram, but the consultant said many people ca't tolerate it. Is anyone else on it, or has been on it? I would appreciate any advise

  • I'm truly sorry to hear that you are suffering that much ..i'm an ibs- D patient, also vitamine D deficient ..I understand the agony of living with chronic Diarrhea 😥😳 ..I was doing my own research (after giving up on Doctors ) so I came through the BAM Diarrhea ..I did a blood test for it which came back negative . .but from my research, i found out that there is another (newer version ) of the drug you mentioned to treat BAM that is better tolerated by patients and has fewer side effects than the older one .It is called (Colesevelam) ..may be worth suggesting it to your doctor and see what is his opinion about it .

    Hope you feel better soon and wish you the best of luck 🌹

  • Thanks so much for your reply. I will speak to my consultant and see why he hasn't prescribed this other one if it has less side effects.

  • How do you get tested for BAM?

  • You need to speak to your consultant gastroenterologist and he will send you for a SehCat scan if he thinks you need it.

  • I am still only at my GP, he is so dismissive of the whole thing and said just do a food diary. when i told him that sometimes i can eat something and then another day i need the loo he just said oh classic IBS then just have to ride it out! so frustrating

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