Gabapentin for ibs!?!?!?!?!?!


I have been on amitriptyline for years which basically cures my ibs all together on most days and is absolutely my saviour in life... however I increasingly struggled to cope with the chronic fatigue wooly headed feeling and hangover effect of the drug. As a result of this discussion my doctor has given me gabapentin to take instead.. I am extremely cautious about taking this drug as I cannot find any proof of supporting ibs on the Internet unlike amitriptyline which is widely used and successfully I might add.

I have been off my amitriptyline for a week now and am suffering hurrendously from my former ibs hell as I cautiously hold off taking this this new medication

Has anyone used gabapentin for ibs and did it work??????

Thanks :)

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  • Just looked up Gabapentin didnt sound too good to me but thats up to

    you to decide. At the moment Im taking codeine but not good on

    that so Im back on Immodium. Sometimes its better with the devil you

    know. happy days !

  • Nicely put. I was told that at least Imodium has no long term issues. I do find its more effective if I take as and when instead of regularly.

  • Hi

    I may well end up back on the immodium I have taken the plunge though and started the gabapentin today fingers crossed for good results !

    Thanks xx

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply :)

    yes I didn't like the sound of it when I researched it either but I've taken the plunge and started it yesterday fingers crossed it all goes well.

    Thanks again xx

  • Yes, gabapentin and pregabalin are indeed one of the drugs used in IBS when lots of others haven't worked. I've been under the care of the Pain Management team at my local hospital for about three years and I have just started pregabalin (very similar) because gabapentin gave me massive horrible headaches. I also take Abstral tablets (fentanyl) for the pain. You should take it as directed (mine builds up week on week) until you reach the optimal dose. I was told to never just stop taking it but if the side effects after 6 weeks are still unbearable then go back to the doctor and explain and then you'll probably be advised how to gradually reduce the dose to zero. It has had success with IBS-not only does it work on the pain side of things, it has the added bonus of lifting your mood a little as well which can only be a good thing in my opinion. I wish you luck and hope it works for you-fingers crossed.

  • Thanks so much I started it yesterday and hope.for positive results :)!!!!!!

  • hi not heard of it but why not trying alternative days with amytrpline. i found more than one day made me to sleepy and constipated.

  • I was on gabapentin for around 10 months for IBS symptoms as my GP said it helps with nerve damage. It had very slight effect so now on Amitriptlene and hopeing this will help I feel it has improved but only been on it for 6 weeks. Hope you find gabapentin works for you.

  • How does amitriptyline work for IBS and would my GP prescribe it due

    to its tendency to become addictive..


  • It is used for IBS as it calms your system which is why we get IBS because of anxiety even though we think we are not worrying. I was advised by my consultant at the hospital to give it a try also. The first week to ten days I felt a bit fuzzy headed in the mornings but now don't even notice it. I am only on 10mg which I think they like to start you off on for IBS.

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