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Strange pain in lower left of abdomen

Hi all

Brief history - had a pain in my lower left quadrant for 7/8 years. Had a ct scan and colonoscopy 4 years ago which found nothing. Dr said it's probably ibs, prescribed me some nortriptyline (which worked for a short while) and said to monitor what I eat to see if I can find the triggers.

4 years later and lots of food diaries, exclusions, reintroductions and considerable effort, I have determined that there are no food triggers! However there are things that make it worse - sitting, tight trousers, dehydration and if I haven't been to the toilet that day (I don't suffer with constipation or diarrhoea, but if for whatever reason I haven't been that day it hurts until I do). This tells me that it's not food related but pressure related. Certain foods slow my digestive transit which is why I think it hurts until I go to the toilet as it takes longer to pass through.

For the past 3 months it has been painful. It's like a dull ache. Some days worse that others. Any ideas what it could be? Hernia? Diverticulitis?

I've an unrelated abdominal ct scan next month which might show something but it didn't last time so I don't hold much hope. Drs insist it's ibs.

FYI 38, male, not overweight, vegetarian, balanced diet (plenty of fibre) exercise regularly.

Any help greatly appreciated.



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Hi Steve, I just saw your post..a bit late in answering. Where is your pain? You said lower left quadrant. Do you mean lower abdomen, or under your ribs? Is it like a stitch or stabbing pain? I get this too all the time. Going to get Barium Ultrasound done.


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