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I should have known better


Trying to be healthy has caused me so much pain, never again! I can’t quite believe that my IBS can be so aggressive. Home made granola is now off the menu.

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I have the same problems! I tried something close to the Ketogenic diet. I felt better on the low carb part, but I believe too much of the higher fat almost did me in. I also made a “granola” from a recipe on the Facebook group I joined. It did not go well! Everything that seems to be healthy for most people just causes me more problems.

I looked at FODMAP and the only no go good on the ingredient list was mixed nuts so might try making it again without mixing my nuts lol 😂

Severe pain like someone had a blow torch on my insides

Hi there you may find all carbs upset you, this can be due to too much bad bacteria in your gut.

I have suffered with severe ibs for most of my adult life and recently been seeing a consultant who after performing a colonoscopy decided I should try a gluten free diet. Although not easy to manage the changes it’s made to my life have been amazing. Now my severe symptoms only appear after eating something containing gluten x


Just a thought for you, Joanne. It may be the nuts, but consider this one. If you used a standard pack of mixed nuts bought in a supermarket, they often have preservatives in with them. My daughter can't digest these at all. But she is fine with organic nuts that you weigh yourself.

Experimenting is so important - and courageous when you don't know how it will turn out. That's how we find out what we can and can't tolerate. So give yourself a big pat on the back for trying new things.


Joannehurst in reply to Hidden

Ah thank you xx

I too am having a bad flare up of excessive wind, pain and associated discomfort, particularly in my stomach, and recently made my own granola using coconut oil and dried coconut in the mixture. Interesting that others find granola can be an enemy, perhaps it’s the fatty coconut.

I looked on FODMAP and it said mixed nuts were a fail. Coconut was a pass I’m really stumped with knowing what to eat 😬

Jane2510 in reply to Joannehurst

I can’t eat oats - even gluten free ones as they set me off really badly x

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