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Should I worry


Hi all just seeing if it's happened to everyone yesterday my bms was perfect couldn't fault it then at tea time I had steak sandwiches the steak was rare and I am known to swallow not chew my food and this morning I felt constipated so I pushed came out brown and it should but when I wipe there was blood darker than usual could that be down to the steak being rare or just pushing to hard cause now it's spasming no pain ? I have done a stool sample recently and came back clear and this instent it was a one off but because my health anxiety it's caused to try Google and I know it's a sin

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Hi there - has your gp checked for hemarroids or anal fissure? These are very much the main cause of bleeding. I strongly think for peace of mind you need to see a friendly gp who you feel comfortable with. I have this problem - piles in my case - and it was only a one minute exam followed by an effective course of suppositories . I now use a squatty potty which helps - check out my recent post. But it is important to rule out other causes first and bleeding must be identified by a professional. Hope that helps. Try not to worry in the meantime as constipation most likely cause.

I think it's a one off been toilet twice and went normal again I have an appointment on Tuesday for blood pressure check so I will be bringing this up with him

I would say it the steak.

I was told by gasto and colon specialist not to eat beef as it doesn’t digest through body well and when i think back to all my severe ibs flares it was always beef that started it.

Plus if it was rareish there b blood in it so u prob just getting rid of it.

I had a scare once with beetroot ha ha i thought i was bleeding then realised id eaten beetroot

I suffer from IBS-C, and don't eat red meat anymore. I used to eat Steak sandwiches, Filet mignon, Hamburgers, but then I could not eat that anymore, as it is very hard on digestive system. I tend to go for softer foods. Red meat, It's really hard to digest, takes several days and unfortunately very constipating. Is there any way to cut back a little on Red meat? Especially rare? Maybe do some Chicken, or Tuna..something like that, and are if your movements are more regular?

Lulububs in reply to Eliana5

Same here! Cannot poop for days after a steak

Eliana5 in reply to Lulububs

Yes, my Gastro said our bodies digest steak, hamburger, meat very slowly..three days or so..

Thankyou all glad I found people who care and in the same boat as me it's really assuring

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