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Hiya all! Hope everyone's well today!

SO I finally got round to doing the video about how I learned to cope with my IBS and therefor helped the symptoms a little. I'm by no means cured but things are much much easier now.

There's four parts to it, for some reason the first part wouldn't upload so I'll just write that one out, followed by the links to the other videos.

So today I'm wanting to talk about how I went from being not only house-bound but bed-ridden every day, vomiting and trembling etc to actually being able to handle my flare-ups, reducing the time which they usually last (again, not preventing anything just making it easier and over faster).

The first thing I realised about my IBS is that it was heavily triggered by my anxiety disorder, and that I needed to address my mental health issues not just for the sake of my digestive system but for myself as a whole. I've always had anxiety since I can remember, I remember being four or five and feeling sick with nerves when I had to go to school or my dads house (we dont get along), sometimes getting stomach ache too. At around 15 or 16 I devoloped a social anxiety disorder, which in this last year has snowballed into a general anxiety disorder (basically im very nervous most of the time!). Alongside these things I've also experienced depression, self harm and eating disorders at various points as has family and friends close to me.

This time last year, I was in an incredibly bad place, I wasn't happy with myself or my body AT ALL. I went out a lot, drank a lot and smoked, although I've never gotten into drugs (thankfully!). It was also around this time last year that I had the most outrageous flare-up that lasted for the next 5 months.

When I fell ill, I had to drop out of education and move back in with my mum as I needed care and couldnt look after myself. At this time, with only four walls and my own mind for company, I had no choice but to address my problems. I couldn't ignore them any longer, my body wasn't going to allow it. I spoke to my counsellor every day (Jennifer Gilling - she's brilliant!) going through each and every step of my life, thinking about where there were difficulties or even trauma (albiet mild). I'd not dealt with the problems as they were happening, I'd ignored them and tried to carry on: this caused everything to build up and up until I couldn't contain it anymore. I thought that simply knowing my problems were there was enough. It's not!

So going through the thoughts, feelings, and experiences I had ignored at the time of them happening was difficult - almost impossible - but it made a WORLD of difference. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't cure anything, but understanding where today's stresses and strains are coming from then helps you to understand your illness/es. You don't need a back catalogue of past hurt and trauma in order for stress to play a part in your IBS: you can be married, have a good job, have children etc etc but it doesn't mean there aren't any strains in your life making things worse for you!


Here's part 2:

Part 3:

part 4:

If there's anything that helps you too - put it in the comments! I also heavily recommend hot water bottles :)


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hi pseudonym ! I don't  actually have a question  as I 've been there (still suffering) I know how it feels from A to Z ..I only want to comment  on how mature you are for your young age ..this whole experience  allowed you to grow up faster than others of the same age ..Also I'm surprised  on how you were concerned  about body image issues  when you are gifted with such a beautiful face and attractive  body !! 

On the bright side also you look healthy I swear if I see you  out in a public place I wouldn't  figure out  that you suffer from anything  actually !! 

it's  wonderful  to hear that you are now in a better phase  and feeling  a bit  relieved ..hope it not just stay like this but actually  improve to the point you can work  or study or do what ever you like coz you are still  young :)

oh ..just last question  ..how are you doing with the prozac ?? For me ..just one pill triggered a whole week of flare -up ..not just an ibs attack also made my ocd worse than ever 😓


Hi wow thank you so much!! You're very kind :)

I'm doing okay on it, the first week was absolute hell though as your stomach has to get used to the pills which is like going through a really bad flare-up, but after that it balances out and isnt a problem anymore. That being said, I'm thinking of trying a different med because i feel like my anxiety is worse on prozac, but we shall see - you should definitely give one a go though, its all trial and error really, once you get through that first week you can start to see how it works for you (although it wont properly work for about 4 weeks after you start taking)

Hope this helps :)




Hi there

Your videos are really great.

I was wondering for what the piece of music was that you mentioned as I would be interested in hearing it.

Many thanks


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Thank you! Well here is a link to the playlist I listen to every night to get to sleep, the second and third videos are the music but there's tonnes of them on youtube, I think they're all by Gold Brick Cinema - also give the first video a go if you struggle getting to sleep! Hope this helps :)



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