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IBS-D result at last

I've suffered with IBS D for almost 10 years. I've tried low FODMAP, different types of fibre, low fibre, low fat, Pro biotics, small meals, peppermint tea (which I quite like to be honest), exercise, etc etc.....then I read an article about someone with "Bile Acid Diarrhea". The lady in the article described my life with the loo. Watery at worst, loose at best stools. Mostly after meals, sometimes at random. Alot of the time I'd end up with a sore backside and piles. I'd use loperamide to try and control things but it was hit and miss. Planning my day around toilet breaks. To top it all off I've also had my gal bladder removed which is common with people with BAD

So I did a bit more research. My doctor has previously pointed me to the patient.co.uk website for information so I thought I'd try there. It makes interesting reading.


I thought "could this be the answer?" So I went to see my doctor with the Web page in hand. He was not a pleased as I was. He barely read the first paragraph then went on to explain how the gut, liver Sbs gal blast works. (Something he's explained before and I know full well having lived with this for years) also how a low fat diet could help and directed me to the paitent.co.uk website for info. In my head I shout AAAAGHHH then explain that's where I've obtained the information on BAD. I then had to point out the medication they mention on the site and ask if I can give it a go. He hadn't read far enough down the Web page. He had to speak to a gastroenterologist for advice on the medication and, after a few days, prescribed Cholestyramine.

Well I'm now on day three of taking Cholestyramine and it's working fantastically. I'm a little bunged up (weird to experience after so long) but I think re including the fibre I removed from my diet should solve that.

So look up BAD patient.info/health/bile-ac...

I hope it works for you as it seems to be working for me (still early days I know)

I also hope your doctor is a bit more open minded about it than mine was.

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Hi there,

Thank you for that interesting info. I had read a little about bile, but this is really well set out. The Patient.info video was very well explained I thought too.

What I'm also interested in is why the gall bladder, or parts of the gut, go haywire in the first place. Can I ask you what started yours off? And have you linked it to any particularly stressful event, or did it just happen?

I'm so glad the Cholestyramine is working for you!



Hi Alison, looking back I don't recall anything specific that kicked things off. My diet wasn't very good back then. Maybe that was a factor. I don't think stress helps either, I've noticed my symptoms worsen with stress.

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I'm off to the doc tomorrow and will mention this after having had a further problem

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I have been taking Cholestyramine for two or three years now on the recommendation of Professor Nick Read. I find it works well for me.


Hi I was interested in this subject when I found it three weeks ago. Having suffered from IBS for about 30 yrs I had recently been feeling like there was an ongoing tremor in my colon all the time which although not painful, was very annoying. I have just had a colonoscopy and been told I have too much bile in my colon. I have been taking colestyramine for three days no and although my guts feel more comfortable & the tremor gone, I am going to the toilet about four times a day doing small amounts but not diarrhoea. Maybe it just needs time to settle down? What dose of Colstyramine are you taking? I have to take half a sachet at breakfast & lunch and one whole sachet with dinner.


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