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Growling Stomach with explosive watery poop

Hi. I've had a bad stomach on and off for weeks. I get loud noisey flatulent releases and very smelly eggy burps. I take a ppi for ? Peptic ulcer. I've never had samples for H Pilory but think that's what I have. My gp has issues with appointments it's nightmare getting one however the feelings pass and I'm fine again but not today/last night. I have those symptoms but accompanied with horrendously noisey stomach and then look out need the toilet. Every 10-15 minutes. No solid just splashes of watery poop. Not peeing great either. Keeping hydrated but soon as in then it goes through me. Help.

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That’s not normal, you really need to get in to your gp for tests!


Have you travelled anywhere recently? It sounds similar to symptoms caused by a Giardia parasite infection which you can pick up through contaminated water or food. It might be worth asking your GP for a test for Giardia, which can be treated with antibiotics.


Hi. Thanks for reply. I haven't travelled anywhere but I suspect I've identified the problem. I had boiled eggs yesterday just before and as feeling better I had them around an hour ago and I can feel it starting again. Looking at symptoms I suspect intolerance. Weird though because all other dairy and products fine just specifically boiled egg


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