Growling and diarrhoea

Thank goodness for this website. I was diagnosed with IBS in August, but think I've had it much longer. I vary between constipation and diarrhoea. This time it's diarrhoea with the most horrendous gurgling sounds. I've had this for two weeks and taking the prescribed peppermint oil has made it much worse. Does anyone else have the growling stomach and please tell me it does end. I'm now on immodium and hope it's going to work.

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  • Sometimes i get those gurgling noises for a lapse of 2-3 days but they usually go away. I believe i have ibs too although i haven't been diagnosed yet. I usually get diahrrea after i eat within 5 minutes. Idk what are the types of food that cause it, cuz i can eat greasy foods, milk or beans and my stomach is ok, but then i'd eat the same food tomorrow and booom diahrrea, its very annoying. I've been taking probiotics daily and pepper mint candy and so far so good no more diahrrea and I've been eating everything with no diahrrea, like i say before the only problem i have is those noises and gas, but just gas, no stench lol, so maybe you should try it i hope it works, good luck!!

  • Hi thanks for your reply. I've come off the immodium and the growling has stopped but the diarrhoea is still going. I'll give the probiotics a go.

  • Try align, its kind of pricey, but its worth it thats the one that works for me, good luck!!

  • Thank you. I will give it a go as I am totally fed up with it now.

  • Probiotics work for me, try them out.

  • Hi thanks I will go them a go.

  • Hi. I was told by my doctor to try peppermint oil but it made me much worse and gave me terrible indigestion. Wanting to avoid having to take immodium I did a bit of research and discovered the low FODMAP diet. I also found something called silicol gel which really helped. I am now taking pro-biotics and sticking to the low FODMAP diet and I can't tell you how much better I feel. It takes a bit of getting used to but I have far less symptoms and rarely have to take medication to deal with diarrhoea or constipation. I feel less bloated and lost half a stone.

    It may not work for everyone but worth investigating.

    Hope you feel better soon x

  • Hi thanks for your reply. The doctor has told me to try the Fodmat diet. My stress levels are hight because I'm worrying about the next time I need to run to the bathroom. I'm now on Mebeverine and hope it's going to work.

    Thanks for your support x

  • My dietician said not to use fodmap, it's for the Australian diet. The products can be the same but ingredients different. Use the FoodMaestro app. Gives you all the foods you can safely eat that do t have the sugars etc in them. Asda do loads , even crisps. Wine from the Co-Op

  • That's the gas from the fermentation, try the food maestro app, that will give you the foods you can eat safely that don't have the sugars it. Hope that helps

  • I need to take immodium before going out, travelling etc. to be on the safe side and it does work, unfortunately it can cause severe c, I have read this happens to a lot of people. You need to read the leaflet given with immodium, I only take it if I really need to. My specialist told me not to take it but he didn't give me any advice on how I can safely leave the house & not be stressed out. I have bouts ibs c & d like yourself, good luck.

  • Yep me 😩

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