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Constipation and emetophobia

I suffer from emetophobia which is fear of vomitting and ive also suffered from constipation on and off for years it had been being better but its now been 7 days since i last went and all i remember is when i last went this long i was sick that night my parents say thats not why i was sick but im totally convinced so my question is will constipation make u vomit if you keep eating the same ammount? And any tips to get stuff moving that arent tablets? And of course definatley wont cause vomitting?

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I understand how scary Emetophobia is. How about trying to drink more fluids slowly to try to loosen up the stool. I don’t think this will make you vomit.


I really feel for you suffering with emetophobia, as I do too. I go out of my way to avoid anything that might make me sick, not just food wise but I'm OTT with hand sanitising and cleaning surfaces before prep food too. I have heard that really bad constipation can make you feel sick, as my sister has suffered like that, but it didn't make her actually vomit so hopefully it won't make you sick either. Could you ask your doc or pharmacy for something other than tablets to get things moving gently? The old fashioned remedy was prunes or syrup of figs but neither very nice! I hope you feel better soon.

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Have you tried going to chemist and asking for some syrup f figs, or an equivalent? It is a liquid and a good mover of stubborn bowels. I was born with stubborn bowels as it was called when I was born, but now it is referred to as IBS. Also, every morning when you get up have a cup of hot water from the kettle. Just water, nothing in it. It I a very old cure to help keep your bowels regular and your tummy as well. Your diet will affect your bowels in one way or another. Try having some yoghurt and fresh fruit as a lunch every day, and it will help to clean out your system, and stay away from stodgy food, and Macdonalds. lol. Good luck. xx


Oh how I feel for you as I too have Emetophobia and it's been really bad this Winter season which I think may be to do with my husband having broken his ribs and been very down which, in turn, has affected me also. I was working through the Thrive Programme (this is done by reading through a book and working through the exercises in the book) for about 6-10 weeks last year and felt I was doing well but got to a sticking point where I really needed to work through the Programme with an expert but unfortunately the nearest therapist to me is about an hour's drive away. I did contact the author of the Programme and he replied and it was great that he did reply but it's not like having someone there with you. The Programme is all about changing your way of thinking and I have every faith it will work but I am a person that needs someone to talk to as well.

Now that's enough about me. I tend to have IBS C (sometimes my bowels are normal and I don't have a problem) and someone on here said to try linseeds soaked in water and then drink the fluid once it has been soaking for an hour or more, this works a treat for me and as a matter of fact I have had some today. I normally use about a dessertspoonful of linseeds to around half a mug of water and then soak for an hour or more then drink.

Also, I have never actually vomited with IBS C. Another tip - I find that sometimes with IBS I can feel nauseous, now this may be in the mind because of the phobia but I don't know, so I take one travel sick tablet and they work a treat for me.

All the very best to you and we will beat the Emetophobia and will then be so much better. By the way, I am under my doctor now for CBT for the Emetophobia and I will be taking along the Thrive Programme book.

Take care



I used to suffer with constipation i used to go two weeks, until i ended up in a&e with impacted poop!! The embarrassment made me change my ways pretty quick.

I also have ibs.... so i make sure i eat veg every other day, especially spinach loads of it... i take a magnesium tablet twice a day( holland and barratt) as most people who suffer ibs c is lacking magnesium.

I also make sure i take a probiotic a day to keep gut healthy


I also have emetophobia and constipation! I take Laxido sachets more or less every day which ensures I keep 'going'! I am also a vegetarian and I think that it helps as meat is known to stay in the gut longer than anything else. Good luck. PS Laxido does not make me even feel sick let alone the next stage!


I have chronic constipation. I have been to private consultant and had the tests done. There are two new drugs that you can get on the NHS called Prucalopride and Linaclotide. The don't work like traditional laxatives, they work on the receptors in the stomach. They should give it to you if nothing else works. It is on the NICE guidelines and you should say this to your doctor. Linaclotide which I take now is amazing. Works within hours. It is not like Laxido or Movicol which does nothing for me and makes me bloated. What I also take in between is about 600 to 1000mg of magnesium citrate or oxide on an empty stomach before bed with lots of water. This works great, naturally and is effective. My colorectal consultant recommended it as well. Look up information on magnesium and constipation. If I don't take it I don't go.

There are other magnesium products for the colon that are excellent although more expensive but worth it. They are in order of my preference, Oxypowder, Aerobic Mag07 and Colosan. Cola son comes in a powder as well that you mix with water. It is the best one. You can get them on Amazon or a place called the Finchley clinic. They are very helpful and you can call for advice. Hope this helps.


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