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I have had IBS for many years now. My main problem over last 9mths or so is constipation which I can normally manage with senna. But this last 3 or 4 weeks has been awful, I feel about 6mths pregnant, people are noticing too. I can go 8 days with no BM, then it's diahorrea, and normal stools and horrendous pains. Then I will go another 5-7 days before I go again. I take probiotic drink everyday, last few days colpermin three times a day, and 2 senna at night. Nothing! Went to GP as feel very frustrated I get married in 5 days and feel its getting worse not better. Been 7 days now. Scared to try anything too harsh cos of pains I get. GP gave me movicol, tried twice day, belly aches and growls a lot but that's it! Any ideas I'm at my wits end with it all

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  • Hello,

    That sounds horrendous. Have you tried 8 sachets of Movicol all at once. You sound impacted. I take up to 3 tablespoons of ground linseeds a day with plenty of water.

  • Hello. I'm so sorry to hear how much pain you are in, and so close to your wedding. Your symptoms sound very much like mine, severe constipation and bloating. I've found that flaxseeds can help me to be regular. I take around 3 table spoons of flax seeds (I just chew them and must importantly drink water when I take them) and will have a BM the next day. I realise I should do this daily but don't always remember. You can get flaxseeds in health food shops or holland and Barrett. To manage to bloating, I need to watch what I eat through the fodmap diet (you will see that a lot on this side and many people have explained how this works - you could do a search for it). However, to settle my tummy I cut out all good groups except protein and some veg (veg with low sugar context) and this settles my tummy within 3-5 days. This is the first stage of the Hardcombe diet, and it alleviates the bloating, cramps and pain, although doing it is difficult. No coffee, dairy, sugar. I do hope you find something that world for you and that you are able to enjoy your wedding day. Congratulations to you both.

  • Please read my reply to the person with severe constipation taking 8 sachet of Mivicol. I have had problems for years and now I manage it by taking magnesium for colon cleansing and regularity. Much better than laxatives and no cramps. Flaxseed alone does not help if you have a severe problem. Look on a site called the Finchley clinic. They sell Colosan powder and Mag 07. The best I have used. You can also call them for advice.

  • your symptoms are familiar with me and hope you can feel ok on your wedding day,I have suffered IBS for almost 20yrs and spent a fortune on stuff to try and help,the best thing I have found for constipation is taking magnesium citrate tablets from health store the ones I take are 200ml and I usually take 3 before bedtime,make sure they are citrate as the normal magnesium gives diareah,(some people need more some less you need to find the dose that suits you) you could also try glycerin suppositories to get things moving,I have found charcoal capsules to be invaluable for bloating they absorb the gasses in your tummy,hope this helps,good luck for your wedding day,x

  • I've suffered ibsa for about 4 years now & found laxative made it worse, I'm been taking Symprove for last 3 months & the difference has been amazing my constipation has more or less gone now, it doesn't work for everyone e but if you have a big tesco near you well worth a try or if not it may sound strange but a couple of snickers & lots of water used to help my constipation without triggering the diarrhoea when I hadn't been for a week but wouldn't recommend as a regular diet lol

  • I am so sorry that you have got to this point with so little time to go before your wedding. I haven’t got anything to offer that will help with your problem in such a short time but longer term you might want to consider the following. I gave up gluten and cows milk as they can both upset the gut. Symptoms improved but didn’t clear up entirely. Someone then explained to me that if the gut had got inflamed then I needed something to help it heal – this would improve motion problems (both constipation and diarrhoea) absorbtion of nutrients and ensure that toxins didn’t get through damaged parts of the gut. It sounds to me as if you are heading down the track of worsening health of the gut just as I was. So then I tried drinking Aloe Vera. Not the juice from health food stores (juice only contains 15% Aloe Vera so is pretty weak) but an organic drinking gel (containing 85% Aloe Vera) that is grown without the use of pesticides (they can upset the gut too) and is cold stabilised (to preserve the wide range of nutrients). Unlike some companies that pulp whole leaves and strain the result, this is only the inner gel so has no unwelcome latex etc. Some symptoms disappeared almost immediately (such as acid in the stomach) and others took longer, however the result has been slowly improving health of the digestive tract. Gas, bloating and spasms are a thing of the past and I know I am absorbing nutrients better now so other problems are receding. If you want to know more, just say – you’ll probably be too busy right now but it would be worth considering and you are obviously open to natural products thanks to your use of senna. All the very best to you!

  • Thankyou everybody for your responses, been massive support especially this close to my wedding. A friend who has IBS recommended aloe Vera colon cleanse juice, tastes vile but seems to have helped, plus no stomach cramps with it!plus I have taken charcoal capsules last few days which was recommended on here and my bloated ness has improved too. Massive thankyou to everyone, now I can relax and enjoy my day, but maybe need to look at something more long term after wedding.

  • My dietician suggested linseed also called flaxseed, I think someone has suggested above. Try 1tbs 1st day and then increase after 2 days to 2 tbs but try low amount 1st as you may have a lazy bowel and if the dose is too high initially you will end up with D instead of C, as the bowel with get shocked. I've been using this and it really helps. I put mine on wraps and sandwiches as the crunch seemed odd with cereal.

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