Fats and constipation

I've been reading about various views on constipation and one of the things I came across was fats - fats apparently lubricate the digestive system and help ease constipation. I was wondering whether anyone has any views on this or personal experiences as I may consider increasing my fats if it is likely to help? (I'm also on magnesium citrate but it only works sometimes and I don't think I can eat much more fibre than I am currently without it being ridiculous)

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  • I have olive oil on my salad and if its going constipation I eat a couple of PLUMS an aple an orange in the morning. usually sorts it

    S x

  • Thanks - I've had 600mg magnesium last night and another 200 this morning as well as a vvv high fibre breakfast (prunes, wholewheat bread, berries, oats) and still haven't been to the loo - Im beginning to get very worried as I can feel that there's a lot in there but it just won't come out 😖

  • You need GP then brobably give you a suppository ( usualy glycerine ) and you can buy them too from BOOTS etc.

    Have you tried a hot drink of orange juice ( fresh)

  • If you have to go to meds,this is what worked for me:

    If you have time,pick up mettamucill in the grocery stores. Read the directions. IMO,THIS IS ONE OF THE WAYS TO GET OURSELVES REGULATED.

    I would always try that first.

    Then if you still need more help,go for the more intense Methods:


    Mirilax is a laxative.

    Ducolate suppossitory if really bad.


    PS: I would really try the metamuccil first before the mirilax. IT took me forever to take the metamucill.I thought I would be ok without it...But,no. I NEED IT EVERY SINGLE DAY.



  • Thanks a lot - i'll try metamucil, what type of laxative is it?

  • Read Fiber Menace. Website is gutsense.org. The dr who wrote this definitely says animal fat taken in normal amounts is essential. I've had IBS-C for 37 years &,this is the first thing that has worked for me normally. I know it's not the answer for everyone but I've had a very stubborn digestive system that wouldn't respond to anything I tried. Magnesium citrate does help but I found it hard to regulate. Good luck.

  • Squiggle4 Hi there. I Would not add fats to an IBS diet,on purpose yet. I HEAR what your saying. I wish it were true. All my research says to stay away from alot of high fats and regular sugars.

    Maybe there are some good fats to consider putting into your diet.Please take your time with this.

    For ex: there are natural good sugars. HOWEVER,IMO,good sugars are triggers for IBS. (In my research).?

    IN MY research I was told that lowfat is better than nonfat honey mustard dressing. ****

    After writing this down to you,it may be good to have some good fats in our diet.

    I am happy you brought this up. I am curious to see what others have to say.

    Take Care,


    ****low fat and not nonfat honey mustard dressing is better for my IBS.

    RE: Heathers website

    Eating for IBS


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