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From IBS-C to IBS-D

Hi! I’m new here. I’ve been in the category of IBS-C for decades, since my early twenties. About a year and a half ago I switched my diet to a low starch, higher fat and protein diet from a vegetarian way of life. It actually was a more “plant-based diet in that i found myself snacking on I was eating lots of fruits, veggies, and nuts instead of processed things like crackers, breads, and other starchy things. All was good, and I finally after over a year, I felt constipation was under control. However, about 6 weeks ago, my bowel movements became looser and looser, and much more frequent. I now sometimes have to wake up in the middle of the night to go. Has this ever happened to anybody else? Because I was eating a lot of raw veggies, could I have picked up some bacteria that’s screwed up my intestines?

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Hi there, from reading your post I would say it's the change in diet. I too have overhauled my diet and eating more plant based; I have gone from eating meat to becoming a Pescatarian. I actually have an appointment with a Dietician tomorrow in order to go on the low FODMAP diet which, I know, will omit things like raw vegetables and some fruit and vegetables. I know for certain that I have problems with raw carrots (absolutely love them but can't eat them), raw and cooked onions and sweetcorn. I can tolerate a small amount of broccoli but not eat it every day like I used to which just goes to show how the IBS can change.

The only way I think you can deal with this is to follow an elimination diet.

I wish you all the very best.

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Hi, It could be your diet. The microbiome changes depend on what you eat.

And plants have more fiber that you can't digest properly.

But waking up in the middle of the night is not healthy.

Try to change your diet. If doesn't get better then you should see a doctor.


I would go to gp and ask for a microbe test on stools to ensure you haven't picked up a bug the may be go easy on the raw veggies for now I would not eliminate cooked veggies . Everyone is diffirent with toleration of veggies. Good luck with it.


Just an update. I did go for a stool analysis and it revealed that I have C. difficile. I am completely at a loss on how I could have got this bacteria!

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I was on antibiotics but it was six months before. I’ve never heard of low stomach acid. I’ll google that and see if it applies to me. Thanks


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