I know the low FODMAP diet is somewhat effective (for bloating/pain), but I can't be on it right now due to school etc. so I'm going to try it properly in July to figure out the actual triggers. So at the moment when I'm not on the low FODMAP, coffee every day is enough to help the constipation (but not the bloating/pain), but when I do go on the low FODMAP, coffee no longer works. Does anyone have any other suggestions for dealing with the constipation while on low FODMAP?? i.e. as well as coffee. Thanks x

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  • I found that there wasn't enough fibre in the Fodmap diet for me. No way would just coffee help me. If all you need is coffee to make you 'go' then I'd keep drinking it along side the Fodmap. Try and tailor it to suit you.

  • Re read your post. You said that coffee doesn't work while on Fodmap, try drinking a warm glass of Prune juice.

  • Prunes aren't allowed on low fodmap though?

  • I know, that's why I had to stop.

  • I've written a blog about this that you may find useful:

  • Thanks! x

  • Could be you need soluble fibre,may be some golden linseed as well, works for me

  • I have just started on Golden Linseed today as I read Grannycake's post as a response to my post about the use of Lactulose - thank you Grannycake as I have just started on the Linseed today and I find it very easy as I love linseeds.


  • Buy frozen kale in small rounds & mix it with ur food it works

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