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Back pain with constipation

I am always constipation I get a lot of lower back pain I have to take laxative to try and empty

I feel ill sluggish all the time my skin isn't looking great because I can never go the toilet,

I try to eat plenty of fibre I am not a lover of much fruits,

eating them, could someone tell me if I juice fruits will it help

With constipation, I do drink plenty of water doesn't seem to help I try to not eat anything that is prossed, I eat fibre drink water and still I can not go the toilet it is making me so ill can someone give me any answers to get my bowls moving everyday it's making me feel ill cause I hardly go the toilet.

Thanks Tessxxx

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I haven't had a food intolerance done, and I just drink bottled water.

so do you think I need to get a food intolerance done Pandora?.



From my experience you could be getting so badly constipated that you could be getting impacted,I'm no expert but that happened to me I had to take 8 packs of laxido over a few days to clear the problem.Also sometimes fibre can make things worse.I would see you doctor for advice also ask to see a dietitian as this would be really helpful as ibs is such an individual thing,what works for some people doesn't work for others.

I hope this is helpful.


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Thanks Treez,

I think you are right it could be compaction.

I am of to my doctor if I can get an appointment.

Thanks again



I have had this problem as well for many years especially now three years after prolapsed bowel repair, my bowel muscles hardly work in spite of prescribed Sienna's ducosate and domperidone...Like you I'm notmad on fruit but if one or two things do,help..or more to the point when I don't have some of these things iMhave more of problem..so I'll just tell you how i try to overcome of these distressing props.. Have a large apple or Large pear late afternoon or early evening...a good portion of veg, particularly steamed carrots with my lunch , I love veg all veg and ear as much as I can usually half my plate is various,veg,.but the downside of that is offensive wind..which is a real embarrassing problem ..also a bowl of weatabix either for,breakfast, with raisins ..also if I have weatabix as my evening snack this helps .. I have started to take a probiotic capsule with cold,water after my main meal as well as Yakult in the morning, don't think it effects my constipation but I,think,it,makes my tummy more comfortable. Or I resort to drinking a cup of hot water (not too hot) after eating a handful of raisins or dried prunes .

sInce my op my bowel never seems to be clear ever, I,go several times a day , and this really effects my social like, which people don't really understand..particularly as my bowel is beginning to prolapse again,the constipation probably causing it..

I think my,main problem really is lack of muscle I can't push with out pain and my whole stomach going into a spasm..but don't want another op, as last time I had a hernia where they went in on the keyhole and then had an op,for,that😬 So after all waffle..sorry..Hot,or hot fruit drink maybe before breakfast or during the day is,what I resort to some times


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