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IBS related flatulence

Hi all, so I had my sigmoidoscopy at the beginning of November, and it's all clear. I decided to go back onto my anti depressants and the mebeverine for IBS C, and for some reason the mebeverine seems to work this time. Gut pain is a lot better, and bowels are a bit more regular. BUT, Oh my God, the flatulence! It's totally out of control! I'm surprised my two cats still sit in the same room as me! Is there anything I can do that will get rid of that?

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Knowing cats, they would be well affronted. Flatulence is a horrid nuisance and seems to be best controlled by avoiding the same types of food which cause it in people without IBS. The list is endless!

Hope it settles soon. No more surprises for the cats.

Best wishes.


Maybe try drinking ginger tea or peppermint tea, not sure how much it will help. Try drinking more when you take the meds if you only take a few sips with them it will help them to dissolve better. Hope you get some relief soon.


Chunks of ginger in my meals sometimes helps me with that, and avoiding things like potatoes/bananas for a day. I know how you feel, I sometimes get so much out of nowhere and it's a pain and an icky nuisance.




I found that mebervine actually got rid of the bloat and gas. But you have to be taking it a while before that happens, but just my experience of it


For some reason first time I tried it it didn't help at all, last couple weeks have been a lot better though. It's definitely helped with my stomach discomfort, and that has had a good effect on my anxiety. Gas is still brutal though lol. I guess I should maybe try the FODMAP diet, I haven't really changed my diet much at all so far. Problem is the FODMAP diet looks like it could be expensive, and i'm poor lol


I kept on everyone for a month and some of the low fodmap diet. I also eat nuts and have a yakult each day plus lots of water. It's hard but I cut out bread completely. Made quite a difference. I also have been eating liquorice. I can't eat chip shop chips they cause terrible wind bloat and stomach noise plus really stinking wind and then rapid diareah.


Mebervine sorry not everyone lol predictive text lol

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