Mega Bloating

Hi Everyone

I’m new to this site. My first post. Have suffered with bloating for about 12 years. IBS/ Candida - it calmed down for a few years & I wa encouraged but since July constipation & bloating are dreadful.

I’m on a first round of Denosunab injection for Osteoporosis- could be that?? Feeling pretty despondent.

Any remedies for bloating gratefully received. Thanks. Frankie

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  • Hi Frankie, I don't know if you get diarrhoea but if you don't I have found that using approximately a rounded dessertspoon of linseeds in around a 3rd of a mug of water and soak for an hour then drink works for me. Some people grind the linseeds down or buy some already ground down.

    Hope this works for you.


  • Hi Alicia. Thanks for that tip. Will definitely try it out. Best wishes Frankie

  • You are welcome and although it doesn't work for all it certainly worked for me.

    All the very best


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