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Mega Bloating

Hi Everyone

I’m new to this site. My first post. Have suffered with bloating for about 12 years. IBS/ Candida - it calmed down for a few years & I wa encouraged but since July constipation & bloating are dreadful.

I’m on a first round of Denosunab injection for Osteoporosis- could be that?? Feeling pretty despondent.

Any remedies for bloating gratefully received. Thanks. Frankie

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Hi Frankie, I don't know if you get diarrhoea but if you don't I have found that using approximately a rounded dessertspoon of linseeds in around a 3rd of a mug of water and soak for an hour then drink works for me. Some people grind the linseeds down or buy some already ground down.

Hope this works for you.



Hi Alicia. Thanks for that tip. Will definitely try it out. Best wishes Frankie


You are welcome and although it doesn't work for all it certainly worked for me.

All the very best



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