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Bloating and irritation

Hi everyone!

I am a 28 years female from Pakistan. I have been diagnosed with IBS by my doctor five years ago. I feel my stomach bloated like an air filled balloon almost all the time, even few sips of a tea or a few bites of some light sandwich are enough to cause that bloating. Also, the condition is aggravated by stomach cramps and an urge to visit bathroom. I am a working lady, and it is very difficult for me to go to bathroom every 30 minutes. The most horrifying thing is the weird sounds that come from my stomach, a person sitting nearby can easily hear…I feel sooo embarrassed :(

Can anyone suggest me what to do and how to survive normally with this? :(

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Hello there!

First of all, I just have to tell you how much I am enjoying the visit to Pakistan on HONY the site on Facebook!! Brandon, this young many from New York visits different places, takes pictures and interviews people wherever he goes.

I am SO sorry you have ibs... have you tried any of the food elimination diets" Such as the FODmap that is promoted a lot to help... you could Google that and look it over.

For me, not eating grains (especially WHEAT!) and cutting waaaay back on sweets, plus eating/drinking very little dairy is helping...

Also, are you able to buy Probiotics... they seem to help a LOT of people.... I would definitely try to get them...they seem to help with the gas, bloated problems quite a bit. Good luck to you. :)

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Try fodmap diet it really can help identify problem foods, free app available xx

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Great! I didn't find any dietician in an area where I live. Through some Internet research I started eliminating some bad food on self-help basis. I mostly eat vegetables and fruits, as fruits act as natural laxatives to constipation. However, I never tried giving up 'grains/wheat' because here in Pakistan our meals are considered incomplete without what we call 'ROTI'.

I will definitely try FODmap diet.



Everybody is SO different when it comes to ibs... I don't know where your grains are grown...and this could make a HUGE difference. There was a time not long ago, when grains were PURE in this country... and then rotten companies like Monsanto would put dangerous sprays and chemicals on them and also start genetically modifying them... it was THEN people started to have IBS problems! Wheat seems to be the biggest offender... and again the 'gluten' in grain was never a problem years ago... So, I think your best bet would be to just experiment and see what works...and doesn't work for you. Its all pretty frustrating, isn't it!!?? :) I hope you have a good day!

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I find a hot water bottle very good for bloating but i realise that during

the day its not possible. I have also found that taking Windeze capsules

seem to eliminate the gases in the stomach which cause the bloating.

The Fodmap diet is very helpful but unfortunately, it happens sometimes

however carefully you watch you diet. The rumbles your tummy makes are also very much a sign of ibs.

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Do NOT eat any dairy or gluten if you suffer from bloating along with any cabbages etc....

You can buy those stick on heat pads (one for periods) they HELP so much, and you can wear them all day and no one will ever know at work. Also take some Buscopan x2-3 times a day it helps a lot too!


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