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my 16 year old son has constant pain in his stomach and the doctors have said, after extensive tests of a single blood test to rule out chrones, that is must be IBS. I cannot get him to go back to the doctors as he says it is not worth it as they never do anything anyway. I am inclined to agree but would like him to have some more tests but he is stubborn. I did manage to get him to go to an allergy tester and she said he is intolerant of pork. We have cut this from his diet although have found that gelatin can be made with pork and therefore some sweets etc. affect him.

Our problem at the moment is he throws up a lot, most days (or nights to be precise) it lasts about an hour and then he is thoroughly exhausted.

My question is, Is this a symptom of IBS? I know from reading this blog that everyone is different, but do I need to insist he goes to doctors as it may be something else.

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  • Although nausea can be a sign of ibs, constant vomiting really isn't and he needs to see another doctor and push for more tests. Doctors are often dismissive, but ask to see someone else and tell him to insist on more tests. I know it's disheartening when doctors dismiss you, but honestly this needs more investigation. Is he losing weight?

  • Thanks for your reply. He doesn't seem to be losing weight but he is slim and muscular. Will try and get him to doctors but don't hold out much hope. May try homeopath.

  • I suffer from intense nausea with my IBS at times, but constant throwing up is not typical of IBS. I would be more persistent and insist on having this dealt with properly. Good luck and how worrying for you.

  • This is not right and your son needs immediate investigations. Lynda x

  • There could be any number of reasons for your son's problem and he needs to have tests done by a Consultant - this should include a gastroscopy

  • I suffer with chronic IBS and as the posts have said before me,he needs more tests done.Ask to see a gastrologist that is your right.As far as I Beleive the best test to show if anything is wrong is a colonoscopy,they certainly can't tell from a simple blood test. GOOD LUCK.

  • Thank you everyone. Looks like I may have a fight on my hands , not only with doctors but with son trying to get him there and getting him to have tests.

    Thank you all for you help , it seems doctors just like the label.

  • The doctor really needs to carry out more tests, a blood test is not enough. I had an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy and was then diagnosed in 1996 with IBS. There have been times when I have been a little nauseous but I have never thrown up. Agree with all the comments below and I, like you, feel that some GPs like the IBS label!

    Very best of luck to you

  • thanks everyone I have managed to get him to agree to going to the doctors, first hurdle managed. just the doctors now.

  • I have a daughter that has been stuck with a label of IBS. She suffers with days of throwing up and feels like not eating at these times then things settle down again. she has constant stomach pain which has bouts of more intense pain - hence the IBS diagnosis. I hate to depress you but i have been battling doctors for about 2 years now and only now have found someone who wants to offer more than pain killer and anti nausea medicine. I would be VERY interested to see how you get on. Best of luck.

  • Hi Wenefryde, thanks for your post, We have seen the doctor and have had bloods taken for extensive blood tests. He is now supposed to be keeping a diary of BM and sickness and how he feels. We go back to the doctors on Tuesday next week to get results and will let you know how things go.

  • I too am suffering with constant sickness and the medical professionals are saying it's ibs. I'm struggling to eat too. I know how frustrating this must be for you and your son and I wish him luck at the doctors and hope he manages to get somewhere with it. I'm due to see my consultant on Friday and am hoping for some news.

  • I thought I would update this and let you all know where we are at the moment. He had bloods done again but this time they checked thyroid, iron and loads of other things. (sorry not medical so dont know a lot about these things) . As usual they all came back negative, the doctor said this is a good thing as it means its not something serious. She has said now that instead of doing a colonoscopy they do a faecal test and so he has to collect a sample for analysis. He is happier with this as it is non evasive,

    Basically watch this space. will update when possible.

  • I really hope that you get some answers very soon. Its sounds a very familiar. Please do update us when you have some news. I would also like to know if the doctors look at his diary. My daughter is always asked to keep a diary and then no doctor is interested in looking at it!! Best of luck.

  • So far we have had more bloods done. All negative. No surprise there. Doctor said they do new test instead of colonoscopy now. So he has submitted a poo sample and we are awaiting the results. Yes she did look at his diary. Didn't do a lot of good but at least she looked and made him feel it was worth the effort.

    Will keep you updated.

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