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Hi, I'm new to this so not sure how it works, I've, had stomach pains and diarrhea for the past 3 days, but I'm not going to the toilet every 10 minutes, I struggle to actually get it out once the initial first movement, it feels like I have to strain to get it out but when it does come out its like pebbles and water. Really Sorry for the detail. I'm just getting general stomach pains and nausea. Anyone know what it could be? And how long until I should go to the doctors? Thanks

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Hi, I think this actually sounds like you may have constipation. If you are initially finding itnhard to pass the stool then it is coming out part liquid, part pebbles, it may be that you are constipated and have overflow. This is when there is a small blockage due to constipation and soft wet stool can push past. Hope this helps. Try to look it up for some more information, but increasing your fibre intake should help.

Hi There, I would agree with Robson this sounds like constipation. You can get impacted and think you have diarrhoea as it can be fluid and little bits just coming away. My GP thought I had IBS as I have fibromyalgia which had been so bad and I was taking a lot more pain killers. I took horrendous tummy pains and felt sick at times. A family member suggested it was constipation after suffering so badly for a week almost, and I took constipation meds which really helped. If you are on cocodamol etc they can cause constipation. My GP has now given me Fybogel for this which I take everyday. Never having constipation before I never realised it could be so bad. Hope this helps.

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p.s. you can get something from the pharmacist or supermarket to relief this. Once the constipation meds have worked and emptied your bowel increase your "fibre" intake and remember it may take a couple of days before you will have another bowel movement as you have completely emptied it and will take a few days possibly for food to build up again. If it is difficult to pass Im sure your GP can give medication to help with this.

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Hi, thanks for your reply, I haven't taken anything unusual, or any medications. Literally woke up and had a, sicky feeling with stomach pains. Then a bit later on, I felt the urge like I need to go toilet straight away and when I did it was loose, then after a while I'd get the typical I need toilet now, but every time that happened it would be loose, and kind of watery but after that Id need to push hard to get the more out, which was then watery with pebbles. That along side typical acid reflux type stomach pains and gas and bloating. As I say I tried pepto bismol and some colofac. Since taking the pepto bismol which was 2 days ago I haven't pooped once. So not too sure what's, going on. Thanks

Hi what colour are the pebbles ?

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I'm not sure to be honest, I just know my stools are watery and it's light brown.

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Its ok if its brown and pebbles are brown; you can have constipation and loose water at same time

Hope you are soon feeling better

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Thanks, do you know what could it be causing the bloating and burping could be? Thanks again.

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hi it just sounds like indigestion

Hi, thanks for the response. We'll I'm getting what feels like acid reflux pains, and I've been taking some Pepto-Bismol and colofac which has sort of helped and eased the pain a little bit. But it's still not gone. Can I really have constipation but with really loose stools?

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Hi, not sure if you are still active but it sounds like I have the exact same symptoms was wondering if you could give me any advice on what you did or how long you had it for

Absolutely go to the dr.... maybe its just some 'minor thing'...but the point is -- YOU will feel better for having talked with a Dr... so good luck to you and take care!

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Plus, it could just be constipation! This is true. So you do what you feel is right for you!

Thank you, how long did yours last?!

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