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Resistant Starch

After seeing various specialists for 3 years I finally got to see a dietician yesterday. She gave me a leaflet which told me to reduce foods containing resistant starch as they ferment - but I`ve just been looking on the internet and see that some people are advised to eat more resistant starch as it increases the good bacteria. I`m now thoroughly confused!

Also, I didn`t realise before that if you reheat potato it turns into a resistant starch (as in frozen chips) or cook and cool potato (as in potato salad)

Any thoughts?

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Hi there,

I also got told to avoid resistant starch by a dietician.

As you say re- cooking or letting rice go cold can make it resistant.

I have to say the jury is out for me with this but I will eat cold rice say for lunch next day and it never affects me.


Hi janke it is a mine field with all the different advice. I'v been reading " the clever guts diet " by Dr Michael Mosley, it is very good giving other options to increase good gut bacteria. I must admit I love all the root vegetables, and rice, I'v given up so many foods, so I still eat them. Saying that my IBS -C is still not under control, but got to eat some thing nice 😃 hope you find things get easier.


It depends on how much/what kind of bacteria you have in your gut. I'd advise to have a stools test done if you haven't already. Mine showed that I had zero 'good' bacteria so I was advised to eat resistant starches, but I suspect if you have too much then it would be the opposite?


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