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Diarrhoea resistant to Loperamide - what can you do?

I've been diagnosed with IBS recently. I previously had very short bouts of diarrhoea. This past week has been awful. I had 2 days off work & now 7 days of hideous watery diarrhoea after I eat. It seems resistant to all drugs I've been given. I'm getting really bothered by this now. It's stopping me living. What can I do, bar starvation?

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Hi Crofty!

I know exactly what you're going through so if it's any consolation you're not on your own. Have you ever tried kaolin and morphine mixture? It tastes absolutely horrendous but for me I find its the only thing that works 99% of the time. Loperamide only seems to work if taken in advance of the first loose movement. Again, maybe this is just me and it might differ from person to person but I always find that if I've had a loose movement and I the take 2 loperamide it usually takes 4 or 5, maybe more, tablets to settle the need for the toilet. This mixture nearly always works first time and I usually take 2-3 big tablespoons of it depending on how bad my tummy is. You should be able to get it in any chemist over the counter at about £2.50-£3 or on prescription


Worth a try, thank you. Does the morphine knock you out?


No I've been taking it since I was a child for vomiting and diarrhoea and upset tummy and it's nrvrt had that effect on me nor on anyone I know that is taking it!


If its real morphine you probably wouldnt be able to get it over the counter in the UK. You could try co codamol tho. It has codein in it and as codien is an opiate it slows down the GI tract i believe. IT is not good for long term use tho.

Do you eat a lot of insoluble fiber, such as broccoli or baked beans? You could try the BRAT wich is Bananas rice(white) Apple sauce and dry Toast. IT is suposted to be good for slowwing things down


Hi this is the first time i have been on this site, i agree with koalin and morphine mixture you can get this ok in the uk, but you will have to ask for it due to the fact its got morphine in it.

there is a version which is just kaolin mixture, but i cant judge on that as i've always had the kaolin and morphine mixture, its an old remedy which my nan advised me.

I hope this helps


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