Shakes with IBS

Recently i have eaten a lot of sugary sweets due to being dairy intolerant alot of my foods r high in sugar and my sweet tooth was bad. I started to feel shaky like if i didnt eat something id b asleep, i was tired alot. I started to think this was my sugar levels, luckily my partner is type1 diabetic so we tested my bloods and fine. Later that evening my stomach started to feel hard and sore. I then realised, it was my ibs which hasnt flared up in ages.

Does anybody else experience the feeling of internal shakes with there ibs?

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  • Hi hun meeee! I actually don't eat sugar so I'm wondering if thats why I shake. But I do get the shakes with my ibs... I thought I was alone with that x

  • Your not alone. I go away next week so was worried. Probs stress of holiday kicked off my IBS oh and work ha x

  • Yes I do I shake and sometimes it feels like a mobile phone on vibrate inside me x

  • Its quiet scary. Luckily they have stopped x

  • My shakes are from a nervous stomach and Stress which then causes and IBS flare up. I take B 12 and it helps with the nerves I was low on the b12

  • Hi again. Just read this post and can fully empathise with this feeling.

    I am a retired nurse and was convinced that I was going hypoglycaemic. Even bought a blood glucose testing kit. I would feel so weak and shakey and my head was muddled.

    Had to eat a small amount of carbohydrate and lots of protein and rest until I felt back to normal.

    Only once had I a low blood sugar!

    Since being on this elimination diet ( dairy eggs soya yeast and gluten as per blood tests) I hardly ever feel like this now. Plus I am not nearly as tired as I used to be.

    I am sure it is something to do with the irritation which then must affect the vagus nerve, which caused it.

    Hope you get better again.

  • Oh interesting. I dont have dairy as im intolerant. Eat high sugar foods though as its dairy free

  • Good to know! Cause I experience this as well.

  • Wow! I was wondering the same thing! I experience this and didn’t know it could be connected to IBS. I thought it was something sugar related. Thanks for sharing.

  • I know this is a somewhat old post, but this happens to me sometimes too! It is terrible.

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