I have IBS C RIGHT NOW.I am confused about why I am this way. DARN,can I never eat Gluten Free cupcakes again?

DO you guys think that having tiny cupcakes will hurt your gut? In plain,simple language,Can anyone explain why sugar hurts IBS PEOPLE? I really dont understand this. But,I have a mental block to understanding why some foods are ok and others not?

Right now,I am in high anxiety mode. I am all stuffed up. I dont have pain. I just feel all of this pressure in my anal area. I hate it so much. Is this normal? Do u feel it there? I dont have a stomach ache.

Now, i am thinking,can I have that salmon I bought right now? Can I try that delicious piece of chicken? Can I eat the salad alone or will it hurt my stomach?Oh,heres a weird question I have been wanting an answer to: I have been eating alot of Japanese sticky rice.... Does that mean it will come out a bit sticky on the other side? Lol.

I think the answer is that I need to stay away from sticky rice.

Right now,my face is getting hot again, and the IBS-C has me very uncomfortable. I am thankful that I hardly get stomach pain with ibS-C.

Its hard for me to take care of myself right now. My body doesnt want to move.

What happens to you when u get IBS C?

What do you think about sticky rice?

Why is sugar bad for me?

What foods do u eat,,when you have IBS,C?

Thanks very much.

I hope all of you are feeling comfortable right now.

Btw,I have to gain weight re: doctors orders. Last check,I was 101 lbs and 5 foot 1 inch.

Luv and hugs,


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  • Highly recommend watching this online "Betrayal" series which should give you the answers to your questions:


    I believe each episode is only available for 24 hrs.

  • Thank you so much!

    How did u find out about this website?

    I will go there right now.



  • Stress is also a major factor in IBS so try to make time each day for relaxation, eg yoga, hot lavender baths, deep breathing, walking in the park etc.

  • Hi I am going to give them my email now BUt i bet its about money and pharmaculticle wanting us to stay on meds so they can get rich-seen something similar

    Thanks S x

  • No it isn't! It's the opposite, it's about food as medicine.

  • HI I have watched/listend to the first hour and then the guy started on about depression_he hasnt got the fierst clue and is upsetingly ignorant-depression is totaly something else.

    Its not anything to do with being upset and is sooo very different to berevement. so many people take their own lives because they cant stand the constant unwanted thoughts that plagu them day in day out.

    It doesnt matter what i eat/dont eat- there are not enough nuerons in my brain.

    if I didnt take antidepressants I would probably jump of a very tall building-tell the good doctor that

    S x

  • I thought episode 1 was a lot of boring waffle but episodes 2, 3 & 4 were much better. Episode 4, about food sensitivities was very interesting. My daughter has seen a massive improvement in her depression, energy levels, joint pain and brain fog since giving up gluten, dairy and sugar, so for some people, foods definitely do contribute to depression, and cutting out foods you're sensitive to can bring significant improvements in symptoms.

  • Hi I have clinical depression and I was born with not enough nouro transmitters; they are insufficient and dont pass the batten back. its like a relay game on a track, were the person would keep dropping the batten and so the person would almost never get to pass the batten on.

    infuriating game.

    I have to have sugar because i get hypoglcemia ( non diabetic ) after eating my blood sugar level is still to low.

    I cant leave the house without a drink and something sweet. i am lactose intolerant however.

    I had depressoin before IBS/IBD.

    When I was only 4, I remember siting on a swing wondering why I was here. we didnt eat rubbish back then and supermarkets hadnt been invented

    I am glad your doughter is feeling better !

    Best Wishes S x

  • Pain, is it anout money,the website?

  • Hi Skyrooms-to a degree they want us to have something for %50 of prise and pharmacuticles are mentioned.

    I lost interset because a guy talking was on about depression-he didnt have the first idea-he is ignorant-depression is sooo much more than, his, less- than- basic -understanding. People like him really get me down; i wish they would do proper research about depression before they pass coment. He is a PLONKER !

    Best wishes S x

  • Hi Skyrooms I have watched thoes videos now and theyr realy ver good and very informative ! lot to be learnd here and my appologies to Josies mum

    Best Wishes S x

  • Hi Pain57:

    I will try to take a look. Is the video still available?

    I went underground a bit, with my IBS symptoms,etc.


  • Its the very last day ! Ask joseismum; I have so much to thank her for!I would have bought the siver pack and its not expensive; its to close to xmas and am spent up.


    s x

  • To Pain:

    So you found it more than helpful?

    Thats good news!



  • Sugar really starts an IBS attack with me. Could not refuse a bit of birthday cake recently (knew it would cause me a problem) had a awful ache afterwards. Rice is another trigger for my ibs so I avoid rice. Sweet potato, aubergines, onions and peppers are also bad things for me. Guess your sticky rice is causing your present problems. Bread does me no good either. Just try and eat "clean" fresh fruit and veg, nothing pre-prepared, not well seasoned (only have Hymalian salt (cant get it spelt right), never the white table salt. Gluten free yes. Let your gut calm down with natural food.

  • IThanks for your reply. I am afraid to eat vegetables alone. This other websie,Heathers says to not eat insoluable fiber alone. HOW many of you believe this theory? I have been following the major parts of her plan.However,I wen tfrom IBSD TO IBSC AFTER 2 years. I AM THANKFUL FOR ALL OF YOUR ANSWERS. ITS ALOT TO DIGEST ALL AT ONCE.BUT I DO SEE WHERE PLAIMH CELL PHONE IS BREAKING RIGHT NOW ..I HOPE THIS MESSAGE GETS BACK TO THE SITE.



  • Scatlover,how do I start a natural food program? Is there a website? I like to have some structure.

    Thank you.


  • Hi sky. I feel your discomfort. I have recently done a hydrogen breath test to check for SIBO. Small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. This is when you have too much bad bacteria in your instestines and apparently sugar can feed the bad bacteria and create your symptoms.

    I've just been told that I produce high levels of methane after eating which causes my pain, bloating and slows down the transit time in your colon causing constipation.

    I have been on a restricted diet for 4 weeks of no sugar and very low carbs. its helped a little.

    Im waiting on these tablets to arrive called atrantel ( I think) and these are supposed to help with the methane.

    I will keep you updated.


  • Lai'n y,you are constipated now?

  • Hi sugar can ferment in your bowels and make you feel light-headed and dizzy and sickly.

    Yes I do get pain when large bowel goes into spasm it feels like a bad pain up the bum.

    usually happens wen im asleep and wakens me!

    \if you are gluten intollerant ANY gluten will make you ill cos you bod cant digest it.

    Think about it this way-my brother is type 2 diabetes and he can NEVER have sugar.

    He is 6ft 2 and stick-thin.

    Your health care provider should give you a diet sheet and then you will no what you can eat

    Bless You

    S x

  • Pain 57. The doctor says I was tested for celiac disease and it came out negative. I just choose to eat gluten free when the opportunity presents itself.

    If you test neg for Celiac disease,is there a separate gluten test to take?

  • I also have IBS and have recently been put on a Gluten free which has helped, I haven't eaten any dairy for nearly four years and that really helped my symptoms. Sadly I still have problems, terrible pains and violent runs, and nothing seems to help. Maybe taking any sugar left in my diet out would get rid of the pain but as I basically only eat salad with steak or chicken that's going to be really hard! I do feel your frustration and echo it with my own, here's hoping we get solutions soon x

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