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IBS ?????

Hi all I am new to this, I have been having pains since before Christmas in my right lower rib area, radiates round my side into my back and sometimes in my shoulder blade, I am really bloated, ( burping alot) I have been doing slimming world since January and have lost 1.5 stone I have been eating lots of fruit and drinking sugar free diet cokes, I wouldn't say excessive. I have been eating healthy, walking drinking water what more can I do?

I was admitted into hospital as they thought it was appendicitis, I was given Morphine, It was horrendous I had Ultra sound and CT and all came back " Normal" I was sent home and told its muscular??? I have had this pain recurring for a while now so I just thought " Muscular" however the last few weeks have been agonizing so I took a trip to the doctor and he referred me for another Ultrasound suspected Gallstones, I have had it done today and she said there was no obvious signs but its not to say I haven't passed one. She said I would need further tests as it could be digestive problems, So I am asking if it sounds like IBS? Also is there any specific thing I should avoid? I have had enough now I have a baby and a young child to look after and its so painful and I just feel crap most days like going back to bed ( which obviously I cant) I would just like some friendly advice. :)

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I have just been diagnosed. I don't eat gluten nearly(Slowly transitioning) , I am stopping dairy products also at the moment. I am going to be referred to a dietician hopefully to eliminate more irritants hopefully. Linseed seeds work apparently. Hope you are having a good day despite IBS. Is a bad day more for me regarding IBS at the moment.


Do you get Constipation and Diarrheoa(I am not great at this word so I apologise for this spelling). Look at this link, is helpful.



Hi maybe just a bit of constipation, I am not regular. Thanks, I will have a look now. :)


Hi, I'm having the similar problems to you. Felt I'll since Feb running loo and very nausea all the time. Pain under my right rib and today into my back. Been put on gluten and lactose free diet but don't feel much different really. Had bloods, got to have sigmoidoscopy next Wednesday! Also had antibiotics but no effect. I feel rubbish and really fed up with it! It must be hard having a baby to look after as well. All I want to do is go to sleep. I know it's not my gallbldder cause had mine out!

I hope you get sorted out soon.

Take care let us know how you get on!



Hi Linda, Thanks for your reply. They said it would take a week for my results to get back to the doctor so i will have a chat with him next week, Maybe ask to speak with a dietitian? I really don't know what happens next. Yes its very hard when in so much pain to deal with baby and a 3 year old but hey ho they are worth it. :)


Hi , got same symptoms , it is called hepatic flexture syndrome , in other words trapped wind in the bend in the colon , part of ibs im afraid and can be very painful , best not to eat to much fruit and cut out the fizzy drinks , don't eat anything that causes wind like beans cabbage , sprouts etc , hope this helps to ease your mind , and you feel better soon x god bless

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