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Hi ive just joined this site. I was diagnosed with IBS over 20 years ago to and to honest i havent had any real problems for the last 10 years but things have started to flare up again. I have been experiencing alot of bloating and really bad wind and diarrhoea does anyone have any tips on what foods may help to calm things down or any advice on supplements? All advice gratefully received.

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  • Have you tried the fodmaps elimination diet to look for triggers? It helped a bunch of us, though it's a lot of work. I'm going through it a second time due to a bad flare-up to see if I can identify any other food triggers I missed the first time. An IBS ap to track food and symptoms is worth a few dollars.

    Stress also plays a big role, so if you can exercise, meditate, or relax you may see some improvements.

  • Thanks that is something that i will look into thanks again for taking the trouble to reply

  • I suffer with colitis and I agree with runswithdogs food can play a big part in bloating and wind, I find my main trigger food is wheat and corn, keep a food diary to find out what triggers it, good luck

  • Thankyou for the advice its much appreciated

  • I wrote a blog post about just this thing (suitable foods for managing/avoiding IBS) - patientj.wordpress.com/good...

    Also, have you given any thought as to why things might have flared up recently? Any change in circumstances or health for instance?

  • A month or so ago I had a virus and was in a lot of pain and was taking a lot of painkillers which is unusual for me. Also i have been getting a lot of heartburn which was previously an issue and i used to take Omeprazole on a daily basis but i have been managing without this for a few months now unsure if it is all linked.

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