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Scared of what test will show

Getting virtual colonoscopy on Monday, saw gastro consultant 4 weeks ago after having waited 8 mths for an appointment. Had an incomplete colonoscopy in Feb, had to stop as bowel too loopy. Consultant thinks I prob have ibs but doing ct scan as last test. Really scared that they will find something, tummy rumbling and growling all day.

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I had he same problem as you with an incomplete colonoscopy. Had a ct one instead but was all clear. I'm sure you will be fine!


All the very best and I'm sure you will be absolutely fine. My tummy was acting differently last year and I had a further Colonoscopy and all was clear.

Best of luck


Eight month for an appointment? What country do you live in? I have seen some of the busiest gastro docs within days or maybe a week or so?


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