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A flare up of IBS

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Following a series of tests it was decided that my symptoms were a flare up of IBS. My GP and I discussed the Fodmap diet and I said that I would experiment with it and see how things went. She said if I needed to she would always refer me to Dietician.

I am much better than I was but still I do not feel right. I used to enjoy my food. Had a good healthy diet, was not over weight and took a reasonable amount of exercise. I even used to enjoy the odd naughty food in moderation. Now I feel food is a chore. I want to enjoy it again.

What is the best way to tackle this? My current experimentation is a bit hit and miss. I feel if I approach it in a more organised and constructive way this will help me. Any suggestions welcome.

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I'm sorry Andrea as I cannot answer your question but I resonate with how you are feeling. I used to have a very healthy diet but it's no longer as healthy as it used to be as I cannot eat the fruit and vegetables I used to be able to eat and it sucks. Like you I feel that food is a chore now and I never know what to cook. I have also put on 1/2 a stone in weight and that sucks. I am trying to lose it by exercise as well as eating sensibly but that is the problem, what do I eat?

I just hope by me posting this that you do not feel like you are alone.

Hi I followed the fodmap diet with a dietician the only problem was with the restrictive foods to eat I was losing weight so quickly I was 9 stone at the beginning, just the correct weight for my height, after 3 months on the diet I was down to 7 stone and had to stop. I am now finding it very hard to put weight on again.

Oh I do sympathise. I have been told to follow FODMAP I think its helping but I am finding it really difficult to do. So much planning. I am now grazing through the day but stopped enjoying eating. Came home tonight and just gave in to share a family meal. I know I will pay for it but it was so delicious. Already feeling the acid reflux and discomfort. . I don't care I will be back on track tomorrow but its the weekend and I just needed a treat. :( :)

Take up the offer of a dietician they can help. I never got that option just left to it so did my own research on low FODMAP and kept a food and trigger diary (not all triggers for me are food). It's always going to be a bit trial and error I still find something I could eat 6 months ago now causes a flare up so I'm super strict now. It's frustrating and hard at first but I've learnt to manage and adapt - struggle with eating out and socialising at others houses though. There are lots of recipes online and the FODMAP friendly kitchen recipe book is great for somewhere to start. X

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