IBS flare up

I've had an IBS flare up which has happened after increasing fibre in my diet. when I went to the doctor I saw a different doctor than my own and I asked to be prescribed amitriptyline tablets. They work for me but I was met with reluctance to be prescribed them. In the end I stuck to my guns and was given them. They are the only thing that gets rid of the pain for me when Buscopan doesn't work.

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  • Hi. Ive been on Amitriptyline for a number of years. It worked great to start with but slowly the effects lessened. May i ask what dosa you are taking? Im currently on 30mg at night before bed, but it doesnt seem to be doing anything any more.

  • Hi, thanks for your response. I'm on 10mg dosage. It does tend to knock me out as well and it helps with relieving my sinus pain.

  • Fibre flare up always for me,two types of fibre insoluble worse

  • Yes, the doctor I saw printed off information about soluble and insoluble fibre.

  • If you increase fibre you will get worse unless you make sure you are eating soluble and not insoluble fibre. You can search on the web which is which or get the Monash University app or go on their website regarding FODMAPS

  • Many thanks for your information :-)

  • has anyone tried colloidal gel ???

  • I have had to cut out as much fibre as possible, as it makes me bloated& sets of my ibs d. I am on amitriptalyne, it keeps stopping working, everytine i tell my doc how its stopped working he ups my dose& im now on 75mg which i have been on a year now& it hasnt stopped working so far.

  • Many thanks for your reply. I'm on just 10mg of amitriptilyline and it does stop the pain. The only drawback of taking this tablet is the drowsiness which occurs as a side effect. This means I can only take amitriptyline when I'm not going out.

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