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Changed my life

I must say that the Fodmap diet changed my life. I had suffered from IBS for 2years and was very frustrated , when a dietician put me on the diet. You will need some time to adjust to it as it's a complete change in terms of your eating habits, with lots of new restrictions, but when you get used to it you realise that you can still actually eat a lot.

It helped with my bloating massively so even if you don't loose weight, you will still feel better in yourself xx

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Thank you for your kind encouragement :) Very good to read. I've just had two bad nights sleep due to three slices of bread with jam. Will do Fodmap properly again, your words help.

I'm happy you feel better!


No problem :) I want to show people that it's all about understanding what you can and can't eat, and learning your own triggers so that you get control on your life. Yeah I guess that it might be the wheat that's the trigger with you. With me it's a a lot of dairy and some fruit like apples that really hurt me.

Sometimes though it might not be the what you think that's triggered you! With fodmap you realise that sometimes it's a combination of a few things that cumulate and end up making you bloat or have IBS-D or IBS-C or other symptoms. Worth keeping in mind maybe.

I hope fodmap works for you as well :)

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Working out which FODMAPs affect me has pretty much stopped my IBS symtoms. It really works :)


Thank you so much for your positive post and this is a diet which I will also be following but before I've even started I've worked out that I cannot eat raw carrots, raw or cooked onions, very little broccoli (I can tolerate some) and sweetcorn. Also of late I have cut out caffeine and also Lactose and that does seem to be making a difference.

Well done to you and so pleased you are so much better.

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No problem at all :) the carrots and sweet corn sounds like maybe it's a problem with high fibre? The broccoli and onions and lactose are classic fodmaps though which can cause symptoms! They all affect me!

Well done to you as well for starting to work out what your body likes and doesn't like 😊


Thank you and you have provided a lot of encouragement to the rest of us on this Forum. I get a lot of pain with the carrots, sweetcorn, onions and also if I eat broccoli for more than 2 nights on the trot, although when I have put myself fully on the FODMAP diet then I may reintroduce them to see what happens. As for the Lactose this seems to give me nausea and I know that is a classic symptom and it can also make you physically sick.

I am getting there and it's certainly worth it. :)


I would say though to everyone thinking about doing the fodmap diet, that it is important to have a professional advising you through the process. I was referred to a dietician through my GP, and the dietician provided a lot of guidance and support. I am not sure but you may be able to get a dietician if you go privately if you would prefer that.


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