I'm here, I'm in pain and it affects my life!

I am 61 and have suffered with IBS since the age of 9. Unfortunately my condition has worsened in the last 3 years and I have become anxious about travelling and if I wasn't retired, there would be no way that I could work. I am on the low fodmap diet, which seems to help but I have lost all enjoyment in food. I'm fed up trying to second guess what causes a flare up. Although I have been on several medications to help with my IBS symptoms, my doctor decided to take me off all of these a month ago. Since then I have had two major flare ups which now include vomiting as well as sudden cramps and unpleasant visits to my friend/enemy the toilet! I'm tired, cold and miserable. But hey...it's only IBS! I feel once diagnosed some doctors dismiss you and I can't remember when my abdomen was last touched. A two minute consultation without hands on? I don't find this embarrassing but I do find being dismissed frustrating. I'm here, I'm in pain, it's affecting my life!

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  • I was the same as you (and similar age). I kept being told by my GP that "it's just ibs" I insisted on being referred to a colorectal consultant who sent me for colonoscopy and I was diagnosed with diverticulosis and I also have an intussusception and rectocele. Now waiting for an operation.

  • I joined this forum as my mum suffers with IBS and I'm trying so hard to help her she's in constant pain and always run Ning to the loo! It's really affecting her ok and like the university poster the doctors have already almost dismissed her and she feels like they are just not interested when she goes to see them .Does anyone have anything they have tried which he!Ps she has tried peppermint oil but it did not suit her also buscapan she's now on co.dydramol for pain but too much of this causes constipation it's really affecting her life and she's kind of given up but i think she should keep pushing the doctor to do more she's 70 this year please help if u know of anything

  • Sorry about the typos I'm on my tablet and it keeps auto correcting!

  • Yes i do sympathise with you. I am also 61 and have suffered about 20 plus yrs! Its so hard to know what foods to eat and not eat, i just give up. Certain things i avoid like nuts, seeds, soft cheeses, orange juice etc but otherwise not a clue. I am quite underweight so cannot give up lots of things or i will disappear! I know bread or yeast is a problem, but cannot give it up completely, i just have to put up with the consequences. When its bad i live on clear soup and matzo biscuits, and then salmon and rice. I have ibs c though so different to u. I live abroad too so makes life difficult with the doctors, but you are so right. As soon as you get the label of ibs stuck on your med notes, they dont bother investigating any further! Just send u away with pills.

  • Do you try gluten free bread to help? Rice cakes are bland 😳Poor you

  • Hi there not nice, and Annie is right it could be diverticulitis! Also I have been very ill with gut and bowel problems and finally diagnosed in Australia with a condition called Dysbiosis, caused through bad gut bacteria or flora. You could ask about this and get a test.

  • Hi,

    I also suffer with IBS C and diet plays a huge part. I can't eat anything from the Brassica family i.e. broccoli or raw carrots or onions and I see on here that dairy is a huge trigger for quite a few people so I am going to cut dairy out of my diet. I have had this condition for 20 years after a bout of Salmonella.

    People are finally starting to recognise the condition and not too soon, see below:



    Best of luck

  • Have you tried the York tests - these seem to show what people are intolerant too.

  • Have you been tested for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth or Candida? It involves a hydrogen and methane breath test. I had Candida for years without realizing.


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