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I give up !!

Hi all ,

Went to doctor again this morning about my life long struggle with IBSc. As usual they didn't listen about how my IBS is all connected to how my ashma ,cough ,heartburn ,runny nose ,over production of mucus and constant throat clearing are doing .Also my constant backache ,bloating, stomache cramps and flu like ache in my hips .Im so tired all the time and getting depressed as I can't do anything . Was asked how often I went to loo .Told them how I'd had to take 6 Senna tablets at one go before anything had happend after a week of nothing . Said I wasn't keen on using more laxatives as they really harsh on me and make me feel worse . I think it's stress and food intolerance related but fell on deaf ears .Was handed a prescription for more laxatives and told if I don't go after three days taking them double the dose . Not happening !! I'm trying to help myself without laxatives as I'm sure they making me worse .

I'm in pain every day now and it's really affecting me badly .I was away at weekend doing craft .Had to give up and go to bed because of back pain bloating and cramps . Couldn't sit stand or walk . I'm careful in what I eat beacause I know what makes it worse but for the last year or so everything makes me feel bad and triggers symptoms .Any ideas please .Also my skin and hair really dry .Getting bloods done for thyroid again .


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Please read my book 'Food Intolerance Solutions' Available on Amazon. Based on 22 years of experience as a specialist nurse testing people for food intolerance. I wrote the book to help all the people who found my website and could not get to me for a test. I just want to help you poor suffering people...Stats and data and case histories +++ in the book. If you try what I suggest in the book, and don't get better, send me a message and I will give you further advice. Mary Roe foodintolerancesolutions.com


Hi Mary

I have bought and read your book and told my doc about it too .

They don't like their patients self diagnosing .Thought I might have been referred to diatician for a bit more help .🐝🌻😞

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Its such a shame doctors don't wish their patients to help themselves. What are you supposed to do? Just keep suffering. I wish you the best.


ive used dulcolax tablets and you only need one before you got to bed each night with a glass of water that opens your bowls

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Hi 2412 :)

i understand your frustration! I have been suffering. My doctors advise: he gave me a variety of pills and the asked me to figure out which ones are working and then he'd give me more of them. I didn't take any of the chemical randomness - but that's me.

Please start fighting for your own health - don't be discouraged by doctors. I started off with a natural dietician (you do not have to believe in plantmedicine, it's just something that fit me). She advised me on foods i can eat, like coconut oil instead of butter, avoid red meat and cowmilk, go for goatmilk. She worked out with me a nutrition pattern for my meals, then i got more comfortable with food. After that and some medicine i got a lot better and went to an Osteopath, but i think that is a bit too early in your situation. The osteopath will massage your belly to loosen the cramps. After 4 years and rebuild confidence i've pushed my doctor to test me for lactose intolerance (actually i advise to push your doctor to get food allergy test for all categories, by means soy, gluten, nuts, shellfish, etc.).

Some sort of exercise (youtube for yoga and IBS) and drink at least 2 liter of water is general advise that i can give you as person.

All i am saying is, in your condition doctors won't take you serious and sticking a label on you is just to easy. Please do not give in and be stubborn. Complementary medicine (ayuverda or anthroposophy or homeopathy) most likely will take your symptoms seriously. Alternatively find another general doctor to the one you are at the moment. Keep changing until you find one that is taking you seriously.

Best of luck


That is ridiculously poor support from your GP.

My personal theory is that if laxatives aren't helping you go then it's possibly something neurological, especially if dietary interventions don't work as well. So, you could well be right about your IBS being anxiety/depression related. It might also explain many of the other symptoms you are experiencing.

Because of that, my two bits of advice would be as follows:

1) see a registered dietician - I have put a fair amount of advice on my blog about diet and IBS (https://patientj.wordpress.com/good-and-bad-foods-for-ibs-and-bloating-and-flatulence/) but I really think you should see a dietician to help you understand any dietary triggers you might have, especially due to all the other symptoms you are experiencing. There is a chance your IBS is not CAUSED by food intolerances, but every chance they are exacerbating the symptoms. You can see a dietician privately (and some NHS dieticians even let you self-refer). They vary by price, and some do meetings over the phone/Skype, but you will probably be able to limit the number of appointments to 2 or 3. In my experience, the private dieticians are always happy to give a little bit of extra advice over email too.

2) see a therapist/counsellor - meds might help you manage your depression, but something like CBT and talking through the possible triggers of your depression will help you manage it better in the future. If you can't afford/find a therapist, then can I recommend Mind Over Mood - amazon.co.uk/Mind-Over-Mood... - of all the self-help books I have read, this has been the one I have found the easiest to stick with and use.

I hope you start seeing some benefits soon, and rest assured, you do not deserve to be treated the way your GP has treated you.

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I have recently learned that health care will no longer be available for people 60 and over, We have to look after ourselves, the medical wont be there for us.


Omg...I have all the symptoms you just described...

I have given up on traditional doctors as they are drug pushers.


Hi Mimimylon

It's a nightmare all they do is give you tablets and send you away !!. I just wish doctors were given listening ears lol 😜🌺🌻


Please try an activia yogurt with a tablespoon of flaxseeds ( sometimes called Linseeds) everyday for a week, Sounds a small thing to cure such a big problem but it is the only thing that works for me. My friend was told about it by a wise nurse at an hospital appointment and it changed her life. If it helps do it everyday for ever ! A lot of people swear by magnesium at night but you would have to google which type as I am not sure.


Be aware flax seed can irritate

Take spoon of olive oil before meals and or try colpermin as a lubricant

Walk and move often

Fig and prune compote like your grandmother did

Regular orange juice


Thanks Everyone

You've made me so feel much more positive .I am going to see the nurse this week so can ask about a referal to a dietitician .Going to look more into alternative remedies .I walk about five miles everyday just because of my job but I'm exhausted and not fit to go on my bike or do anything else just now .Work and sleep !,I think I do need antidepressants but they scare me as I was on them for almost twenty years on and off because I was married to a man that mentally abused me and our children .

Thanks so much .Will keep in touch and happy for anymore ideas and advice as I'm pretty desperate now .



The other symptoms you suffer apart from the constipation is similar to me. Dryness of the throat, eyes, even sometimes ears all seem to be connected with my ibs problems and constipation. Like you they don't seem to connect the two but I know they are connected! Don't know if its intolerance, or the start of an autoimmune illness. My eyes are almost closed up today, and this is common.


Hello casares8

It gets so frustrating sitting in doctors room telling them your symptoms and how they defiantly connected and it all goes right over their head and falls on deaf ears .I want to scream at them this is what's going on in my body .I know it better than you .I live with it every day lol .Ive had enough so getting all advice on here an Internet .

Hope things improve for you 🌺🌻😃


Yes its so frustrating! I live in Spain and the doctors here are just the same.


hi are you taking any antidepressants? There well known for constipation and after a few months make you worse physically n sometimes mentally.have you seen tv doctor who said no to drugs?

drug firms gard sell to gps n nhs.

fodmap n yoga lots of water should help with c. I take normacol a natural fibre to substitute for low fibfe diet.stops my constipation.




Hi all

I'm not on antidepressants yet !! But may be heading that way .



Try enemas to get things moving. Sounds harsh, but it's less harsh than triple doses of laxatives. Laxatives seem to take away your body's natural ability to go, so try something else. Sounds like they aren't working for you anymore, anyhow.

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how is your kidney functions??


Hi Eternity ,

I don't know how my kidney function is but have had bloods done this morning for everything and to see if I have an under active thyroid .Will see what test results show up 🌺🌻🐝


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