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I've had diarrhoea and stomach cramp for the past 2 days now and had a headache on the first day. I don't know whats causing it or what to do. Sorry for the detail but the poo is cloudy and light brown and only a small bit comes out at a time now. 3 days ago i ate quite a bit of Crispy seaweed - something I hadn't had before, at firSt my poo was slightly green and i wonder if this could be part of the problem? It's interfering with what i'm doing and last night i struggled to get sleep for needing the toilet. i went around 6 times in the night.

what should I do, is there anything to relieve pain, what food should I eat and how long will it last!!!!????

thank you!

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If you don't usually have bowel probs I would say that your current issues are either caused by something you've eaten that's disagreed with you or you've picked up a bug of some kind.

Drink plenty of water and see your doctor if things don't improve.


It sounds to me that it could be the Crispy seaweed because as you say this is the first time you have eaten it. I get awful stomach cramp if I eat raw carrots, raw onions (or cooked) or sweetcorn. There are other foods that don't like me but these are the main culprits for the stomach cramp. I think with me that Lactose is a problem which makes me go to the toilet more but not with diarrheoa.

Also, agree with Pagan below that you should drink plenty of water and go and see your doctor.


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