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I have bis for years but my I suffer so much wind and plus I get wind through my vagina which so embarrassing I was told I might have very very early stages of chrones disease but des don't seem to know what to do I get ever so stressed with the whole situation know I am going to try gluten free products any body got any ideas what to do about my wind problem.

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I was Diagnosed with Crohn-s Disease 2000 around 2003 I was getting air/wind coming out of my penis sometimes more if I had fizzy drink,like a mini trumpet but there was slight pain when I told consultant he was amazed so we went and saw surgeon same day the next week I was in hospital and had 10 inches large bowel removed the Crohn-s disease had attached to my bladder and perforated it so gas/wind was getting from bowel into bladder 17 years on no more surgery fit and healthy live with crohn-s I have a system I would believe there is a perforation between bowel and bladder somewhere

take care


Thanks.a consultant said I needed to do pelvic floor exercises but i do this but still got the symptoms.

Don't wait to long I had letters to gastro doctor appointment 2months rolling around with pain, phoned a private bupa clinic saw the same consultant from nhs just by paying fees and blood test gave me a diagnose within half an hour of discussing my symptons then saw him week later at the local nhs hospital and he had all my notes, exercise gives you a sense of well being but it will not cure diseased body parts I am bodybuilder train every other day but do better for doing it keeps my weight up rather than the crohns draining me out

best regards


I know very little about Crohn's Disease except my brother-in-law had it and it almost killed him but he's fine now. I know my IBS doesn't give me wind through my vagina even when there's a lot of pressure from wind in my gut or bowel. I'm not medically qualified in any way but logically if you're getting wind through the vagina then it's got to be arriving there somehow. If you think it's wind from your gut, that sounds like maybe there's a hole somewhere like Cliff says, because mine doesn't take that route out, but a hole sounds serious to me in case gut fluids can also leak out and cause problems. If I were you I would get a second opinion from another doctor if your doctor doesn't seem to know what to do, or ask to get referred to a gastro specialist. All GPs should be able to handle the basics, but they do vary a lot in how much they know about particular parts of the body. The same GP who picked up something important the others had missed on my blood test results also almost killed my neighbour by sending her home to see if she felt better in a few days when she had a life-threatening infection and had to be rushed to hospital the next day. Doctors are only human and can't always get it right.

Having said that, gas can get through smaller holes than fluids - that's how raincoats can be breathable - so it's possible that's what's happening inside you. Even so, I'd try and see someone who doesn't sound clueless.

Hi i saw a consultant and he said I needed to do pelvic floor exercises but still got the symptoms i reckon I have a hole some where too but i feel very stressed and embarrassed.

Wind can sure be embarrassing because some people are so fastidious about other people breaking wind. I can't blame people for being bothered by smells, but I don't think they should blame me for breaking wind either, and especially when it's part of a health problem and uncomfortable to keep in. It's a shame you are having to deal with the embarrassment on top of all the stress and worry of not knowing exactly what's wrong or what to do about it. If it's any comfort, I doubt anyone else can tell your wind's coming from your vagina and not the usual place.

I'm not sure what that consultant was hoping pelvic floor exercises would do (I'm tempted to say "wanker!" but maybe he knows something I don't) but anyhow whatever it was it obviously didn't work. Maybe ask your GP if they can refer you to a different specialist? Or you could see a different GP if you're not happy with what the one you've been seeing is prepared to offer you? I've learned it's really important to keep going back and pestering your GP, they tend to do a few tests or refer you to a consultant and then when the tests come back negative or the consultant's seen you, my GP just lets it drop, it's up to me to go back and say look it's still bad, it's really affecting my quality of life, where can we go from here. I got so desperate I cried in the doctor's office once, it was embarrassing but I guess it made a point too.

There are a *lot* of different things you can try for reducing gas while you're going round loops with doctors - gluten free like you mentioned works for some people, or you can get more radical and try low FODMAP which cuts out gluten and a bunch of other things that cause a lot of people problems (one being the obvious beans). Reducing fibre also helps some people. There are quite a few different dietary theories out there - from low-carb/Paleo, to the McDougall Diet which is deliberately high-carb, and they've all got people who say they've found them useful. There are also various medications and herbs and herbal tablets you can try, Atrantil which I'm trying at the moment is one (too early to say it's not going to work but I'm not cured yet). You can Google to find others, or look through posts on this forum. I can't recommend any because none I've tried have reduced my wind output noticeably yet. For sure what I eat affects it, and if my main goal was to minimize it I'd probably stick to boiled white rice, eggs, dairy products and various veg that aren't very high fibre.

Best of luck with it all.

Thank you for your advice i keep been giving different tablets but i dont like taking drugs for to long even though I have had the usally test i just wish they open me up to see more.

Hi there, I have had, on a few occasions although not many, wind through my vagina but I haven't actually taken any notice of it as I just thought it was part of me so to speak. I do get a lot of wind and am now looking more and more into my diet and I feel that is the best way to go.

In your case though it sounds like you get this fairly frequently so I would get this checked out with your GP. Best of luck

I am a nurse. The only time there should be wind exiting through the vagina "normally" would be after sexual intercourse and even then most women only have this happen occasionally. If this is happening to you at any other time you may have developed a fistula or "abnormal opening" between your intestines and your genitourinary tract. I agree with the other posters that this needs to be checked out. Best wishes!

I've read about fistulas & it does sound like it. Another thing I've read is that bad bacteria can cause this. Maybe you've had frequent water infections? You can get probiotics especially for women for this problem.

Linny_07lou in reply to A_IBS

I used to have lots of problems back in the 80tys with water problems and gynie problems

But how can water problems cause bowel problems.

A_IBS in reply to Linny_07lou

Well, I'm not sure that it can exactly, but bad bacteria can be anywhere. My latest "research" is into a possible food chemical sensitivity issue such as salicylates. Although I do have bladder issues mine isn't the same as yours and I'd definitely look into the fistula possibility. I wonder, did/do you have endometriosis? Perhaps it's now on the bowel? Good luck.

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