Can't keep up! What even is normal anymore?

Hi all.

I have been my own worst enemy recently, bad diet over Christmas, not a lot of sleep and little exercise... but I'm struggling to win! I know I need to change my diet and improve my lifestyle, but I can't cope with the up down symptoms!

Sorry if TMI, but just last week I had mushy consistency stools with loads of undigested food and the past day or so, thicker, darker stools that are soft, but difficult to get out!? Is it possible to even be 'constipated' even when the stool is soft/sticky!? Had incredible stomach gurgles earlier too - could hear and feel them - which I assume is wind related, but this is so on and off too I can't keep up with it! I always try and work out what I've done differently, what could've caused the sudden stabby pains in my belly and the change in stools and all that's different is I've had a cold, eaten a protein bar and skipped meals! Are those factors? Or do I need to be accepting those are typical symptoms no matter what? - I've had IBS for years, but these last two months have been the worst bout. I have every medicine possible, but my anxiety is badly affected by my ibs, when I get anything new/different I do get very worried! Embarrassing I know - I'm sure it's my change in routine, but how can I be struggling to pass the stool if it's soft and have so much wind!? Can missing a meal and stuff have so much affect!?

Grateful for any opinions/experiences.


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  • I find that any change from routine does precisely what you describe. You really do have to live a much more regimented lifestyle and find out what is affecting you food-wise then learn to live without it!!

    Have you tried Low-Fodmaps elimination. Look up Monash University webpage to read about it then download the app which will help you enormously.

  • I will do that thank you! I'm gonna now follow a stricter diet and start exercising again. I think diet and exercise are huge factors for me, when I change them (for the worst!) it seems to make my stomach suffer x

  • Hi there, can completely understand what you're having to put up with. I am much the same at the moment and feel like I have to make some changes to diet/lifestyle to get back some control.

    Just thought I'd mention that I had CBT to try and help my IBS which seems to lead to anxiety for me. The practitioner did talk about how skipping meals can mess things up a lot. So, I'm going to try and get back into a regular eating routine and try the FODMOP diet to see if it helps...

  • Thank you for your reply. I'm starting CBT soon to help with my anxiety so hopefully that improves my IBS too. I just always try and find a trigger so I can avoid it, but I think I'm suffering with trapped wind at the moment and maybe constipation... then give it a few days and I won't be able to stop going! It's so difficult, but I know I haven't been eating well and routinely for a month or so and I haven't been exercising so I need to get back into that! Thanks for your advice x

  • You need to see a doctor,but try to go with information that will help him understand.I fell that all of us on this forum can feel empathy with you in various ways,and we have all had our embarrassing moments.Personally i would strip back my diet to a diet for someone with colitis to steamed fish and rice and then gradually introduce one food type at a time and keep a record of how this affects you.Wind is a normal process of digestion,try a Probiotic to help bring balance to your guts.I have found through doing this what my triggers are,some i can change and some are me being me which i am trying to learn to control.Stress,anxiety oh yes,big trigger,but this is what i'm trying to control through a positive out look on things.Others for me are nuts,seed and gluten.Since i have changed my diet and a year ago i found that Forever Aloe Vera Gel drink helped, my life changed.This was great for several months,toilet trips became normal again in a short time.For some reason after about a year it didn't seem to work as well now i am taking Manuka honey 5+ and it is great!!! It takes a couple of months to really give you your life back,but well worth it.Google it and read all of the reports on both i have mentioned please.Hope this helps

  • I don't think I need to see a doctor as I've had numerous trips and have been told to just look after it well. Thanks so much for your advice I appreciate it loads

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