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I have regular bowel cancer screening every two years,just had the result two weeks ago of my latest one which was normal,two weeks ago I had a stool investigation that was normal, for quite for some years 5 Drs at my surgery have told me I had IBS,now our new Dr thinks I have to have a gastro colonoscopy examination as bowel movement changes from first thing in the morning is normal then at night after Dinner approx 5.00pm I have diarrehea,anyone had this symptom,I have 72 years old had a major operation 14 years ago for a ruptured colon where they removed some of my colon which I had to have a colostomy for 6 months then it was reversed,any help would be appreciated


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Your Dr is just looking after you in recommending a colonoscopy as even though the bowel screening is a helpful indicator it can miss things as it did with me - a bleeding polyp which was removed during the colonoscopy.

Best wishes

Many thanks for thathe reply

Did you have blood come out of your backside or in your poo,and his the colonoscopy painful

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Blood on surface of poo. I've had two colonoscopies and declined the offer of twilight anaesthetic as I react to sedation ( just about comatose for the day).

Without sedation on a score of discomfort and pain it's about seven out of ten.

The upside is you're not groggy for the rest of the day.

Most people opt for sedation.

Best wishes

Thanks Ama bile


I wouldn't be surprised if it's having the Colostomy bag for 6 months that has interfered with your system as IBS seems to start when something has upset our systems. I had Salmonella back in 1996 and had no issues with my diet before then but just after having the infection I started to get tummy problems. I was sent for a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy and was then diagnosed with IBS as both tests came back clear.

I now watch what I eat and don't touch any food I know doesn't agree with me i.e. raw carrots and onions, sweetcorn. I also eat very little broccoli and am using lactose free dairy products.

Very best of luck

Thanks for your reply, but I had the colostomy bag in 2003 for six months


To be honest I'd go with what your doctor has suggested. If they don't find anything then that's good, if they do then you will be treated for it.

In the meantime it would be worth keeping a food diary to see if there's a pattern to what upsets your gut then if there is something you can eliminate it.

Will a CT scan show any problems with the bowel

Kindest Regards

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